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DAVID A. GRIGGS.óNathan Griggs, the great-grandfather of David A. Griggs, married Elizabeth Sharpe and resided in Pomfret. John Griggs, son of Nathan, married Ruth Ashley and resided in Coventry and Hampton, Connecticut. His son Daniel was born in Coventry, March 24th, 1779. He married Elizabeth Hewitt, daughter of Robert and Abigail Hewitt of Hampton. Robert Hewitt was a patriot of the revolutionary war. Daniel Griggs resided in Hampton, Brooklyn, Pomfret and Chaplin, where he died June 26th, 1862. He was a farmer and large owner of real estate. He bad a family of eleven children, viz.: Elizabeth H., married Ephraim W. Day; Sophia S., married David G. Corey; Daniel A., David A., Nathan. George M., Lucy P., Appleton M., John W., Edward G. and C. Edwin; of whom four sons and two daughters survive and reside-in Chap-. lin.

David A. Griggs was born June 23d, 1811, in Hampton, and during his minority lived in Hampton, Brooklyn and Pomfret (Abington Society). At the age of seventeen he united with the Congregational church in the latter place. At the age of twenty he became a resident of Chaplin, and soon after removed his church relation to the Congregational church in that town. From that time be taught school in winter and labored on his fatherís farm in summer until the year 1837, when he purchased a saw mill, grist mill and shingle mill which he still holds. The farm which is his present home he acquired in 1842, the residence having been erected in 1844. In politics Mr. Griggs was a whig, and has been a republican since the organization of that party. In 1841 he was chosen a justice of peace, which office he held until 1881, when age set a limit to his office. He was elected a representative to the Connecticut legislature in 1854. He has been frequently chosen to the position of selectman of the town; was especially earnest in his support of the government during the late war, and zealous in his efforts to furnish the quota of his town in that eventful crisis.

Mr. Griggs was married March 1st, 1837, to Damaris C., daughter of Chester Storrs, of Chaplin. Their children are Clark Hewitt, Catharine Ferdon and two that died in infancy. Mrs. Griggs died in 1854 and in 1855 he married Sarah L., daughter of Phares Barrows, of Mansfield, who bad one child that died in infancy. His son Clark Hewitt was born January 27th, 1839, and graduated from Amherst College in 1863. He entered the service during the late war as hospital steward, and after undergoing a varied experience was discharged on account of illness, when he engaged in teaching. He afterward entered the patent office in Washington as clerk, and by his ability won rapid promotion. At the date-of his death, November 11th, 1872, be filled the responsible position of principal examiner in that bureau. He married Mrs. S. S. Morris, a widow with two children,Emma and Ballard, and had three daughters, Kate P., Dora and Elise. Kate is the wife of William Robertson, of Washington, D. C.; Dora married Ernest I. Atwood, of Springfield, Mass., and Elise died in childhood. Catharine Ferdon married Edgar S. Lincoln, of Chaplin, and has two daughters, Luày G. and Mabel S.

EDGAR S. LINCOLN. - Jonah Lincoln, the great-grandfather of Edgar S. Lincoln, was in his day a man of prominence in his town. He was for a long time judge of probate for what are now the towns of Hampton, Windham and Chaplin, and held various other office of trust. He was the father of Dan Lincoln, who in 1812 married Mehitable Flint. Among their eight children was a son Jared, born September 8th, 1823, in Windham, from whence he removed to Scotland and later to Chaplin. He was in early life a teacher, and afterward engaged in mercantile pursuits in Chaplin. He has for years been prominent in public affairs, represented his town in the state legislature and held various town offices. He married Joanna, daughter of Darius Spafford, of Scotland. Their two children are Edgar S. and Clinton D. the latter having died in infancy.

Edgar S. Lincoln was born August 2d. 1847, in Scotland, where, upon the farm his youthful years were spent. Removing at the age of ten to Chaplin, he pursued his studies until the age of sixteen, and then entered Eastman's Commercial College at Poughkeepsie. After graduating he taught school several terms and finally entered his father's store in Chaplin as clerk. In 1871 he purchased the business which' has since been successfully and profitably managed by him.

Mr. Lincoln was on the 8th of January, 1868, married to Miss Catherine F., daughter of David A. Griggs of the same town. They have two daughters, Lucy G. and Mabel S. Mr. Lincoln is a republican in his political affiliations. He has studicusly avoided all tenders of office, the only exceptions being the acceptance of the position of probate judge and his election to the state legislature in 1880, both of which came to him unsought. He has taken no active part in the political contests of the day, finding his interests to center more directly in the field of business enterprise. He is a member of the First Congregational church of Chaplin and has been for tenS years superintendent of the Sunday school.

WILLIAM ROSS.-The subject of this biography was the son of Elnathan Ross, who was born June 15th, 1772, and married Olive Storrs, whose birth occurred December 7th, 1774. The children of this marriage were eleven in number, as foliows: Roxana, born in 1796; Harriet, in 1797; Ebenezer Storrs, in 1798: Olive, in 1800; Sch'uyler, in 1801; Earl, in 1803; Lydia Storrs, in 1805; Almyra, in 1806; William, November 24th, 1807; Caroline, in 1810; and Austin, in 1812. William, the fourth son in order of birth, was a native of Chaplin, where the chief part of his life was passed. He received no other advantages than those afforded by the schools of that early day in the town of his birth. When six years of age he went to live with his uncle, Abel Ross, in Chaplin, living with him till he was tweDtyone years old.. He soon after went to live in Ashford with General Palmer, with whom he lived two years.

In the spring of 1832, he married Miranda, daughter of John Hamilton Grant, of Ashford, a revolutionary soldier. The next day after his marriage he returned to Chaplin, having purchased the Avery farm, where he resided until his death. This farm is now the property of his only son William. Mr. Ross was in his political principles a staunch whig and later a republican. He gave some attention to the affairs connected with his town and county, held the offices of selectman and assessor, and was in 1846 elected to the state legislature. He was an earnest and exemplary member of the Congregational church and a liberal supporter of the gospel. The death of Mr. Ross occurred on the 7th of August, 1885, and that of Mrs. Ross, May 22d, 1886.

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