Governor Sidney Perham
A Collection of Biographical Sketches of all the Governors since the formation of the State.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

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PERHAM, SIDNEY, of Portland, cx-Governor of Mainc. Born in Woodstock, Oxford County, Maine, on the 27th of March, 1819 Joel Perham, his father, was horn in Paris, Maine, on the 31st of March, 1797. Lemuci Perham, his grandfather, was a native of Upton, Massachusetts, and was of the hfth generation in linc of direct descent from John Perham, who was an inhabitant of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, in 1664. Joel Perham, his father, married Sophronia Bisbee, who was horn in Paris, Maine, on the 1st of April, 1801, and who was the daughter of Rowse Bisbee, son of Calvin Bisbee, and a descendant of Thomas Bisbee, who emigrated from England to Scituatc Harbor, Massachusetts, in 1634.

Thus honorably descended, on both sides the house, from long lines of hardy and enterprising ancestors, young Pcrliam began life with hereditary probabilities Of success. Educated in the district schools of his native town, and in Gould's Academy at Bethel, he himself began educational lal)ors at the age of nineteen. Like many other New England youths who afterward carved out their way to fame and fortune, he taught school in the winter months and devoted himself to agriculture in the summer. Fifteen years were passed in these alternations. Twenty-five terms of service attested his popularity, which was not at all diminished when in charge of schools confessedly difficult to manage. Teachers' institutes and educational conventions also derived much benefit from his active participation proceedings. Time has not impaired his zeal the cause of popular education. For several years he has served as President of the Board of Trustees of Westbrook Seminary and Female College.

Not only in educational affairds, but also in agriculture and pastoral persuits, Mr. Perham has achieved considerable local distinction. When twenty-one years of age he purchased the homestead farm of his father, and during the twenty years next ensuing conducted farming operations on a comparatively large scale. Of sheep-husbandry he made a specialty, and kept from two hundred and fifty to five hundred sheep. In 1853 and he was elected by the Oxford County Agricultural Society to membership in the Maine Board of Agriculture. At agricultural fairs he has delivered many addresses germane to the objects of the gathering, with great acceptance and usefulness.

Social reforms have had Particular interest for Mr. Perharn. Quite early in life he enlisted in the promotion of the great temperance cause ; assisted in organizing the first temperance Society in his town ; gave many lectures in that and other localities, and has been abundant in similar labors to the persent hour. After the repeal of the Prohibitory law, and while the question of its re-enactment was yet pending, in 1857-8, he was employed by the State lemperance Society to address the people in its favor. This lie did in about two hundred different towns. The order of tile Sons of Temperance and also

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