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One of the most extensive farmers of Cameron township, this county, if not the largest landowner in that section of the county, is H. N. Christensen, who, coming to America with little or no means at his disposal, set to work diligently as a fanner, and during a period of less than thirty years, which he has spent in this country, has become one of the most skillful farmers in Audubon county. Trained for the vocation of farming in his native land, he was well equipped to take up this occupation scientifically upon coming to America, and this accounts to some extent for his large success in farming.

H. N. Christensen was born on October 13, 1865, in Denmark, the thriving little kingdom which has given to this country, and especially to Audubon county, so many of her enterprising and successful citizens. Mr. Christensen's parents, Peter and Kate Christensen, were farmers in Denmark and are still living in that country. The father served in the Danish-Prussian war of 1848 and has a splendid military record as a consequence of that service. He and his wife have five children, four of whom are living in this country.

H. N. Christensen received practically all of his education in Denmark and upon leaving school took up farming with his father and was engaged in this vocation until 1887, when he came to America. His education, however, has been supplemented by home study and wide reading, and he is regarded as one of the well informed men of Cameron township today. Upon coming to America Mr. Christensen located in Cameron township. this county, and worked as a farm hand until 1899. Being frugal and economical in his habits of living, he naturally saved some money during this period of twelve years when he was working on various farms in Cameron township, and presently was able to make a start as a farmer on his own account. From the very beginning of his farming operations Mr. Christensen has prospered, and now owns sixteen hundred acres of land He raises four hundred acres of corn and two hundred and fifty acres of small grain each year, besides annually feeding from two hundred and fifty to three hundred head of cattle and at least two hundred head of hogs. More than thirty thousand dollars has been invested in improvements on the Cameron township farm of. Mr. Christensen. Of the total acreage, at least one hundred and sixty acres is in hay, and Mr. Christensen also keeps a considerable acreage in pasture, which he finds necessary on account of the great number of cattle he raises.

In 1897 H. N. Christensen was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron, nee Grife, daughter of John Grife, a well known and successful farmer of this section of Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Christensen have no children.

Mr. Christensen is a Republican and takes a keen interest in political matters, but he has never been a candidate for office, his large farming interests having kept him so busily engaged that he has had little time for politics. He is deeply interested in civic movements and worthy public enterprises, however, and his support may always be depended upon when private assistance is needed.

Mr. Christensen is a man of chaitable and humane impulses, friendly and cordial in all of the relations of life. He is not only well known in Cameron township, but well liked by all the people of this section of the county. Mr. Christensen deserves great credit for the zeal, energy and deterruination with which he attacks the problems of farming and for the honorable, upright character of all his dealings with the public. He is a worthy citizen of this great county and state.

History of Audubon County, Iowa
Its People, Industries and Instutions
H. F. Andrews, Editor
B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.
Indianapolis - 1915

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