Biographical Sketches of
Truro, MA
From: History of Barnstable County, MA
1620 - 1890
Edited by Simeon L. Delo 1890

Sylvester B. Atwood
Benjamin Coan
Elisha Cobb
Joseph S. Cole
Amasa S. Dyer

John Elliott
Caleb U. Grosier
William Hamson
William Holden
Atkins Hughes

David Lombard
Capt. David Lombard
David Lombard
Daniel W. Oliver
Daniel E. Paine

Sylvester B. Atwood, son of Peter L. and Mary C. (Collins) Atwood. and grandson of Joel Atwood. was born in Wellfleet in 1847. He followed the sea from 1859 until 1885, when he took charge of weir fishing. He was for eight years master of coasting and fishing vessels. He married Sarah,.daughter of Samuel and Mercy D. (Snow) Paine. They have two Sons: Frederick A. and George F.

Benjamin Coan, born in 1824, is a son of Samuel and Hannah (Avery) Coan. grandson of Samuel, and great-grandson of Abraham Coan, who came from Long Island, N. Y.. to Truro. He followed the sea from 1833 until 1874, twenty years of the time as master of vessels. He has been clerk and treasurer of the Christian Union church of North Truro several years. He married Sally K., daughter of Francis and Annie Small. Their two children, Benjamin and Annie, are both dead.

Elisha Cobb, born in 1817, is the eldest of six children of Frecrnan and Nancy (Rich) Cobb, grandson of Richard, and great-grandson of Joseph Cobb. He followed the sea for fifty years prior to 1876, as master of fishing vessels twenty-eight years. He married Thankful W., daughter of Joseph and Ruth (Atwood) Cobb, granddaughter of Mulford, and great.granddaughter of Joseph Cobb. Their children are: Joseph A., Mary E. and Julia F.

Joseph S. Cole, born in 1812 in Welifleet, is the only surviving child of Daniel and Folly (Snow) Cole, and grandson of Daniel Cole. He was several seasons in the fishing business. In 1845 he came to South Truro. He was first married to Rachel Y. Pierce. After her
death he married for his second wife Eliza Rich. She died and of their three children only one is living-Mary, Mrs. B. F. Rich. His third marriage was with Ruth A., daughter of Joseph and Ruth (Atwood) Cobb.

Amasa S. Dyer, son of William and Phebe (Small) Dyer, was born in Provincetown in 1837. He followed the sea as a whale fisherman from 1855 until 1882. He has been keeper of the Highland light since February, 1888, having been transferred from Duxbury Pier light, where he had been keeper thirteen months. He married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Eli Seavey of Maine.

John Elliott, son of Phillip and Betsey (Newton) Elliott, was born in 1826. He followed the sea from the age of fourteen until 1876, since which time he has kept a store at South Truro. He married Eliza A., daughter of Samuel Rich, who was a son of Samuel, grandson of James, and great-grandson of Joseph Rich. Their four children are: Charles C., John W., Mary E. (Mrs. J. F. Rich), and Walter N.

Caleb U. Grosier, born in 1822, is a son of John Grosier, born May, 1791. His mother was Mercy, daughter of Constant Hopkins. He began following the sea, fishing, at the age of fourteen. Hewasmaster of vessels from 1857 until 1878 in the merchant service. His first wife was Hannah Slew, daughter of Thomas Slew, and his second wife was Azubah, daughter of Ebenezer Paine.

William Hamson, son of William and Hannah Hamson, was born in 1819 in Charlestown. He came to Truro at the age of nine, and two years later be began going to sea, continuing until 1879. He was engaged in weir fishing for a few years, and is now retired. He married Nancy C.. daughter of Leonard and Mary W. (Collins) Snow, and granddaughter of Stephen Snow. Their children are: Leonard S. of Syracuse, N. Y., and Mary E. (Mrs. N. D. Freeman) of Dorchester, Mass.

William Holden, born in 1834, is a son of William and. Sarah (Myrick) Holden. He followed the sea for about thirteen years, since which time he has been a farmer, owning his father's homestead at High Head. He married Mary R., daughter of Henry Johnson. Their two children are: Seymour E. and Julia J.

Atkins Hughes, born August 14, 1828, is a son of James and Jane (Avery) Hughes, and grandson of John and Rachel (Dyer) Hughes. Mr. Hughes married Betsey Lewis Paine, March 26, 1850. Their living children are: Amelia E., Phebe N., Idella L., Georgia W. and Bessie J. Mr. Hughes began his seafaring life in 1840, and thirtytwo of the thirty-nine years that be spent at sea be was master of yessels, mostly in foreign trade. Since 1879 he has been manager and agent for fish weirs. He was representative in 1881 and 1882.

DAVID LOMBARD. - The Lombard family, which has long figured conspicu…usly in the affairs of Truro. is to-day represented in the town by David Lombard, who was born October 9, 1825, in the homestead he now owns. His father, a son of James, was Captain David Lombard, who was born November 9, 1796, and on December 10, 1820, married Anna, daughter of Jaazaniah Gross, the widow of his older brother, James Lombard.

Their other children were: James born February 4, 1823, died December, 1878, leaving two children, Florence and Arthur; Lewis, born November 18, 1827, married Mebitable A. Stevens; Melvina A., born November 2, 1829, is now the widow of Nathaniel L. Harding; Angelia M., deceased, was born October 26, 1831, and married Horace A. Hughes, also deceased.

Captain David Lombard, shortly before 1841, became the first packer of mackerel at Truro, and continued the business with profit formanyyears. He was a liberal supporter of churches, apd although his Sons are all republicans, he was himself a life-long democrat. He was interested in navigation, and at one time had a hill full of salt works. Prior to his death, February 3, 1888. be was the oldest living representative of the name here.

The present David Lombard, when eighteen years of age, obtained in Boston a clerkship, and was subsequently interested for three or four years with his father in the mackerel business. He then was with Uriah Mayo twenty-one years in the fish packing business in East Boston. He returned to Truro in 1877, and after the death of his mother in October, 1879, with his sister, Mrs. Harding, maintained a home for their father until his death. The homestead where the parents died was erected by Captain Lombard the year of their marriage and for sixty-eight years the original shingles remained.

The David Lombard of this sketch now lives retired at Truro amid the scenes of his boyhood, surrounded by his books.

Daniel W. Oliver, born in 1840, is a son of Benjamin apd Abigail C. (Young) Oliver. He followed the sea from 1849 until 1887, being in command of vessels in the West India trade twenty-three years. He married Deborah, daughter of Richard A. Atwood. They have one son, Richard S.

Daniel E. Paine, born in 1848, is the only surviving child of Daniel6 and Jane A. (Snow) Paine (Barnabas5, Daniel4, Jonathan3, Thomas2. Thomas Paine1). He is a meat and provision merchant, having succeeded his father in 1871, in the business which was established in 1846 by Daniel and Richard Paine. He married Elizabeth D., daughter of Thomas Ryder. Their only son is Daniel, one son, John R., having died. He is a deacon of the Congregational church, having succeeded his father at his death in 1871.

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