Bio of Flavious O. Beal
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

FLAVIOUS O. BEAL, the present Mayor of Bangor, was born in Monmouth, Me., June 2, 1841. His father was Samuel Beal, who came from one of the old families of Monmouth, as did also his mother, Maria A. Warren.

Both father and mother died in 1848, within four months of each other, leaving three children, two Sons and one daughter, of which Flavious Orlando was the youngest, being then only seven years of age. He attended the town school until he was twelve years old, when he was sent to the Towle Academy in Winthrop, where he remained five years. After completing the course of study at this institution, he worked on a farm in Augusta for one year, after which he went to Portland and learned the trade of brush making.

On the breaking out of the war, in i86i, he enlisted in the First Regiment of Maine Volunteers for three months. After the expiration of his term of enlistment he came home, and, in 1862, entered the service of the Maine Central Railroad Company. He served for some time as baggage-master, after which he was promoted to the responsible position of conductor of the through Pullman train between Bangor and Boston. In this position he served several years, and became very popular and widely known to the traveling public along the whole line of the road;

Becoming tired of railroading, Mr. Beal, in 1874, bought the extensive livery stable of 0. M. Shaw, known as the Bangor House livery. He at once infused into this busines the energy and push for which he is so justly noted, and soon built up a very large and prosperous business. About this time Bar Harbor was beginning to come into notoriety as a great summer resort, and, to facilitate travel to this popular resort, Mr. Beal, in 1878, re-established the Bangor and Bar Harbor Tally-Ho Coach Line, which soon became famous all over the State, and a favorite means of reaching Bar Harbor. This line he conducted with great success, until the completion of the railroad some years later. In 1878 Mr. Beal leased the Bangor House, which, at that time, was somewhat run down. He immediately remodeled and largely refurnished the hotel. Under his liberal and progressive management the house soon acquired great fame, and it has ever since been one of the most popular hotels in this State.

In 1891 Mr. Beal was elected Mayor of the city of Bangor, and again re-elected in 1892 and in 1893. Having relinquished to others the management of his hotel property, he devotes his whole time to the discharge of his official duties, and is proving himself to be one of the best Executive Officers flangor has ever had. His administration of city affairs has been careful and wise, yet so liberal and progressive as to win the approval of a large majority of the enterprising citizens of that city. He is public-spirited and liberal in all his views, and is also ready to give the weight of his official influence and his personal efforts to any legitimate enterprise that is designed to advance the interests of Bangor.

Mr. Beal may be regarded as a positive man, yet he is open and frank in his manners, genial and companionable in social intercourse, and consequently has a very wide circle of friends.

On December 7, 1865, he was married to Miss Lucy Jane, youngest daughter of Reuben and Sarah (Brown) Randall, of Freeport, Me. They have no children.

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