Bio of Edwin O. Clark
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

Mr. CLARK was born in Waldoboro, December 27, 1840, has always resided in that town, and is therefore fifty-two years of age. He is the only surviving son of the late Joseph Clark, who, commencing in life a poor boy, by his industry and remarkable business tact, amassed a respectable fortune in vessel building, in the days when that important branch of industry was the leading source of income, and wooden vessels had not been superseded by iron.

The subject of this sketch was educated at the public schools in Waldoboro and at Westbrook Seminary, and upon the death of his father, in July, he was called upon to assume the entire management of the extensive business, which he carried on under the firm name of Joseph Clark & Son up to within a few years, when ship-building in Waldoboro practically ceased.

For upwards of fifteen years, Mr. Clark has been a director in the Medomak National Bank, and since 1878 has been a director and prominent in the management of the Knox & Lincoln Railroad; at present is manager and principal owner in the Forest Lake Ice Company at Friendship, and is still considerably interested in shipping.

Politically, Mr. Clark has always been a Republican, and comes from a Republican family, who can trace their political faith back to the days of John C. Fremont. While not radical in his views as to how the affairs of State should be managed, he is a firm believer in protection to home industries, and believes that legislation in America should be for the benefit of Americans.

Mr. Clark has always been alive to the public welfare of his native town, and foremost in the promotion of every enterprise which would tend best to subserve the interests of his fellow-citizens. He is exceedingly popular with the masses; and, although unostentatious in his manner of giving, numberless acts of charity can be traced to his door.

In 1884-5 the Democratic stronghold of Waldoboro elected him on the Board of Selectmen, regardless of party affiliations, but he declined a renomination. In the winter of 1892-3 his friends, after repeated solicitation, induced him to accept the position as Councilor from Lincoln County to his Excellency, Governor Cleaves, where he has proved an efficient member and a credit to the constituency he represents.

Foremost in every laudable effort to improve and elevate the condition of his native town, and being fully in touch with the times, Mr. Clark is eminently a man of progressive ideas, with the push and energy so characteristic of his race.

His home life is indeed a pleasant one, being a man of domestic tastes, and surrounded by an interesting family. He married Miss Maria Scales, of Waldoboro, in 1864, and has three children, two sons and a daughter having blessed their union, all of whom are now living.

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