Bio of John Lysander Cutler
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

THE parents of Hon. John Lysander Cutler were John and Elizabeth (Jacobs) Cutler, who came from Royalston, Worcester County, Mass. His father came to Dexter, Me., in 1825, and remained there two years, when he married and with his wife removed to Exeter, Me., where John Lysander Cutler was born, March 9, 1829. His early education was obtained in the common schools of his native place. At the age of sixteen he began to manage the business in which his father and he were engaged, and for ten years before coming to Bangor he was in company with his father, under the firm name of John Cutler & Son.

Mr. Cutler came to Bangor in the fall of 1859 and went into the lumber business with D. R. Stockwell and G. S. Chalmers, under the firm name of D. R. Stockwell & Co. In 1870 he formed a partnership with B. B. Thatcher and Darius Eddy, the name being Cutler, Thatcher & Co., and they were in business together four years. In 1874 the firm became Cutler & Eddy, l)arius Eddy being a partner until 1885, when the firm was Cutler & Co. In 1888 it became Stetson, Cutler & Co. of St. John, Bangor, and Boston, and is so constituted at the present time. His three sons, George C., Frederick B., and John L.. Jr., are members of the firm, the two former being located in Boston and the latter in St. John. This concern does an immense business in the manufacture of long and short lumber, shingles, and lime, and has been largely built up by the enterprise, sagacity, and judgment of Mr. Cutler.

At an early age he became interested in politics and has always been a sterling Republican. He has always taken an active part in the political affairs of the locality in which he lived and has held many offices of trust within the gift of the people of the city and State. He has been a member of the Common Council and the Water Board, and in 1878 and 1880 was Representative in the Legislature. In 1883 and 1885 he was a member of the Senate, being President during the first term. He had every vote of the members of his own party and the entire vote of the Senate with the exception of two. For many years he was the member of the State Committee from Penobscot County, and in r888 was appointed by Governor Burleigh a member of the Tax Commission. In all of the public offices which he has held he has served with distinguished ability.

Mr. Cutler is a man of the highest character and most sterling integrity, and has always received and deserved the respect and esteem of his fellow-citizens. During the past twenty years he has been as well known as any business man in eastern Maine. He has at all times been ready to forward the interests of the State, as well as the immediate locality in which he made his home. Always an ardent and staunch Republican, he has been the intimate friend of the leaders of that party in Maine, and from the time when he helped to carry the State for Fremont he has been one of the foremost members of that party which has had for so many years the successful control of the affairs of Maine.

Mr. Cutler, in 1855, married Miss Almira A., daughter of Joshua Chamberlain of Exeter, and they have three sons and one daughter. He has a handsomely appointed home on Essex Street.

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