Bio of Jeremiah Wadleigh Dearborn, M. D.
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

DOCTOR DEARBORN is one of the best-known physicians and surgeons in Western Maine. He was born in Parsonsfield, May 2, 1832, and carries in his veins the blood of two prominent families of that town. His father, John Dearborn, was the son of Jeremiah Dearborn, one of the early settlers, while his mother was Sally S. Wadleigh, daughter of Elisha Wadleigh, also an early settler in that town.

His boyhood was passed on his father's farm, where, with plenty of work in summer and a short term of school in winter, was commenced the development of the self-made, successful man.

His boyish ambition was to become a physician, and with this end in view he worked and studied. After attending for a short time the Seminary at North Parsonsfleld, he studied medicine under the instruction of Dr. Moses Sweat, and graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Michigan in

He commenced the practice of his profession in his native town, but after two years moved to Efflugham, N. H., where for sixteen years he enjoyed, to the fullest extent, the long rides and poor pay of the country doctor. He then went to Freedom, N. H., where he remained one year, when he went back to his native Parsonslield, where he now resides.

He has the largest consultation and surgeon's practice of any physician in York County, Me., or Carroll County, N. H., where his practice is principally situated, extending into over forty towns in the two States, most of which is accomplished with horse and carriage. He was the first resident surgeon in either of the above counties to operate for the removal of tumors from the inside of the abdominal walls, which operation he has performed repeatedly with success.

Although devoted to his profession, making it a constant study, yet he finds time to be active in political and social life. In politics he is a Republican, having been identified with that party from its birth. While a resident of Effingham he held various town offices, and since his return to Maine was elected to the Maine Senate from York County in 1879.

He was appointed by Governor Robie a member of the Board of Trustees of the Maine General Hospital, and also served four years as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Asylum for Insane.

He is a prominent Mason, and held the offices of Grand Lecturer and Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth District of New Hampshire for eight years.

He is actively interested in society, in which his liberality and genial, wide-awake disposition make him a valuable member.

He was the compiler and author of much of the elaborate History of the Town of Parsonsfield which he published in 1888. In this work he has saved from forgetfulness many interesting facts relating to the settlement and early inhabitants of the town.

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