Bio of Dr. Edwin William Gould
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

THE subject of this sketch, Dr. Edwin William Gould, was born at North Bucksport, Me., May 27, 1854; the eldest child of a family of six born to Elihu H. Gould, a well-respected yeoman of that town, and Mary Elizabeth (Lowell) Gould. His general education was gained in the public schools of his native town, and completed at the East Maine Conference Seminary at Bucksport.

Some of the qualities which have made Mr. Gould so efficient a Commissioner of Sea and Shore Fisheries of Maine were revealed at the early age of eight, when, as the result of his investigations into the laws governing fish life, he completely stocked a neighboring brook with trout for the purpose of observing still more clearly the habits of the fish. It is said that the brook still shows the benefits of this early effort at fish preservation.

Young Gould, like many of the other leading men of the State, owes his position to his own energy and industry. His parents gave him a good constitution, hardened by out-door life on the farm and in the woods, a fair common-school education, and their own principles of rugged integrity. In starting out for himself, Doctor Gould first entered commercial life as a traveling salesman, representing a house in Bangor, for the sale of musical instruments, etc. In the course of this employment he acquired an intimate acquaintance with all parts of this State. A marked success in this line of work attracted the attention of the New England Organ Company, of Boston, Mass., one of the largest establishments in the country for organs and pianos, and a flattering offer secured for them the services of the young salesman, who was immediately entrusted to cover a "territory" embracing most of the States east of the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Gould's discharge of this responsible trust was highly satisfactory to his employers.

But no success in business could divert the Maine boy from the goal of his ambition, the profession of medicine. "Where there is a will there is a way," and "Gray's Anatomy" was as constant a part of his traveling bag as his order book. By diligent reading in railway cars, between stations, and in the other intervals of business, Mr. Gould fitted himself, unassisted, to enter the Medical Department of Bowdoin College in 1885, where, by the same diligence and enterprise, he succeeded in mastering the three years' course in two years, graduating as Doctor of Medicine in 1887. He immediately entered upon the active practice of his profession in the towns of Swanville and Searsport. His professional advancement has been rapid and such as to justify him in moving in May, 1893, to a larger field of usefulness in Thomaston.

During all his busy and useful career the Doctor has never lost his interest in fish culture, or the instincts of a true sportsman and son of Maine, which enables him to realize clearly that in the preservation of her fish and game lies much of the financial prosperity of the State. In recognition of his eminent fitness for the work, lie was, April 14, 1891, appointed by His Excellency, Gov. E. C. Burleigh, Commissioner of Sea and Shore Fisheries. These important interests of the State have not suffered in his hands. He has succeeded in imbuing his wardens with his own spirit, and the laws have been enforced without vindictiveness, cowardice, or favoritism, but with thoroughness. Largely by the personal exertions of the Commissioner, a coast patrol boat has been added to the equipment of the State in this important work. In the fight against the "Lapham Bill," Doctor Gould stood forward as the champion of the rights of the States to control their local fisheries against the centralizing tendencies of the National Fish Commissioner, and his success in this memorable contest has attracted national attention, not only to the State, but to her efficient Commissioner.

Doctor Gould was married May 12, 1883, to Miss Mary E. Lincoln, of Mansfield, Pa., whose parents were from Hampshire County, Mass.

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