Bio of Charles A. Harrington
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

GHARLES A. HARRINGTON, son of Wesley and Hannah Prescott Harrington, was born at Parkman, Maine, in 1845. His early life was passed in working on a farm and attending the public schools. He subsequently graduated from the Western State Normal School, and for some years was a teacher in the public schools.

In March, 1865, he answered President Lincolnís last call for troops and volunteered as a recruit to the Eleventh Maine Regiment, but by reason of the close of the war was mustered out without seeing active service.

In 1875 he entered the law office of Hon. Stephen D. Lindsey, at Norridgewock, as a student, and was admitted to practice in 1877. He immediately formed a partnership with Mr. Lindsey, which continued till the death of the latter in 1884, since which he has continued the practice of law in Norridgewock.

Mr. Harrington is a lawyer of fine abilities, and takes pride in his profession. He is a close student, and being a man of good judgment and strong common sense and of keen perception, he is a most excellent judge of the law. His cases are prepared with great care and thoroughness, and he has the reputation of managing them admirably.

He has always been an earnest, active Republican, and is regarded as the leader of his party in his section of the county. He was chairman of the Board of Selectmen and Town Clerk of Norridgewock for five years; served in the lower branch of the State Legislature in 1887 and 1891, and is a member of the Executive Council of 1893-4.

In 1878 he was united in marriage with Jeannette A., daughter of John T. and Ann F. Merrill, of Solon, Me., and has one child, Pauline M., born November 12, 1879.

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