Bio of J. Manchester Haynes

A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

HON. J. MANCHESTER HAYNES was born in Waterville, Me., May 12, 1839. He comes of good old Puritan stock, his father being Josiah Milliken Haynes, who was a descendant of Dea. Samuel Haynes, of Dover, N. H., who sailed from Bristol, England, June 4, 1635, in the ship Angel Gabriel, of 240 tons, built for Sir Walter Raleigh, which was wrecked at Pemaquid, on the coast of Maine, in the great hurricane of that summer. His maternal ancestor was Col. James Waugh, who held a commission in the War of 1812.

The days of his youth were spent on his father's farm. After attending the public schools of his native town he entered Waterville Academy, where he prepared himself for admission to Waterville College, now Colby University, which he entered in his seventeenth year, and from which he was graduated in 1860. After graduating he went to Newcastle where he had charge of Lincoln Academy, one of the oldest educational institutions in the State, for three years, and became well known for his culture and literary attainments. At the expiration of his engagement at Newcastle, he went to New York City where he became a student in the law office of Hawkins & Cothren. In 1865 he finished his studies and was admitted to practice at the New York Bar.

Mr. Haynes possessed a business ability of a high order, and instead of entering upon the practice of the law, in which profession he would have undoubtedly taken leading rank, he made up his mind to enter upon a business career, which was more in accordance with his tastes and inclinations. Returning to Maine he established his residence in Augusta, and there became identified with the Kennebec Land and Lumber Company, of which he was Treasurer from the time of its organization in i866 to 1875, and then became its President.

Mr. Haynes gradually enlarged the field of his business operations until he became widely recognized as one of the most prominent and successful business men in the State. His success, it may be said, is wholly due to his own tireless energy, excellent judgment, and fine executive ability. He is one of the most extensive manufacturers of lumber and owners of timber lands in the State. He is largely engaged in ship-building at Wiscasset. He is one of the largest ice operators on the Kennebec. In his various industrial enterprises he gives employment to thousands of work people.

He is one of the Directors of the Augusta Board of Trade, the Kennebec Steam Towage Company, and the Edwards Manufacturing Corporation, being one of the largest owners in their 100,000 spindle cotton mill. He is a Trustee of the Lithgow Library and President of the Augusta Safe Deposit and Trust Company. He is President and one of the projectors of the Augusta, Hallowell & Gardiner Electric Railroad, as well as promoter of the Rockland, Thomaston & Camden Electric Railroad, and is a Director in both roads as well as a heavy stockholder. He is owner of the Augusta Opera House, the finest temple of Thespis in the State.

Mr. Haynes has never failed to take an interest in public affairs and has filled numerous positions of honor and trust. He is a life-long Republican and an earnest defender of the principles of his party, which, in many campaigns, he has discussed on the stump with great power and eloquence. He has never been ambitious for political honors and those he has received have been thrust upon him. In 1876-7 he was Representative to the State Legislature from Augusta, and in 1878-9 he was a member of the State Senate, of which body he was chosen President the latter year. In 1882 he was again elected Representative to the Legislature from Augusta, and was chosen Speaker of that branch. His record in the Legislature shows that he took an active interest in all important measures brought up for consideration, as well as bore a conspicuous part in the debates. As a presiding officer he was dignified and courteous in his manners, and firm and impartial in his rulings.

In 1884 he was a Delegate to the National Convention which nominated Blaine and Logan, and was also elected a member of the Republican National Committee for Maine, a position he held eight years.

Mr. Haynes has always been devoted to the interests of Augusta and its prosperity. His erection of the Opera House is a monument to his public spirit.

In 1873 Mr. Haynes was appointed Inspector General on Governor Perham's staff, and it was this position that gave him his military title.

Mr. Haynes is a distinguished and cultivated gentlemen and an honored citizen. His mind is well stored with the treasures of learning enriched by European travel. He is a polished public speaker, and very felicitious in the use of language. He is possessed of qualities fitting him to adorn any of the highest stations of public life. He has never courted popularity,-had he done so he would have undoubtedly achieved the highest honors. He occupies an influential and eminent position in the politics of the State and Nation, and it is not unlikely that he may be the recipient of further honors from his party.

In 1867 Mr. Haynes married Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Ira D. Sturgis of Augusta. The names of their four children are: Marion Douglass, Sturgis (who died when one year old), Hope, and Muriel.

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