Bio of John T. Higgins
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

IT is rare that a man at the age of thirty-one years finds a place in a work of this character, but to such a place is the subject of this sketch entitled. Hon. John T. Higgins was born at West Eden, Me., in 1862, being the second child of Nathan W. and Alma P. Higgins. He remained at West Eden, and with advancing years took advantage of all the opportunities offered him by the town and high schools, until his sixteenth year, after Ins twelfth year spending his vacations working upon his father’s farm.

About this time his father, who was a well-to-do and retired sea-captain and who had laid aside money with which to educate his children, three of whom, two boys and a daughter Addie, were now living, suddenly found that owing to financial reverses he could do little for them in this way. He, however, told. John he could have his time, which offer was gladly accepted, and from that time, until the year 1886, the subject of this sketch devoted himself to acquiring and paying for an education. He graduated from the East Maine Conference Seminary, Bucksport, Me., in 1883; and in the spring of 1886 was admitted to the Hancock County, Me., Bar, having acquired his legal education with Messrs. Hale & Hamlin. of Ellsworth, Me., at Boston University, and with his present Bar Harbor, Me., law partner, Lucre B. Deasy. He immediately became a member of the law firm of Deasy & Higgins, which firm has always had a large, lucrative, and important practice.

At the March election of 1886, Mr. Higgins was chosen first Selectman of the town of Eden, the home of his youth. In this town is situated the celebrated summer resort, Bar Harbor. During his term of office he inaugurated and consummated many reforms; and was the moving spirit which induced his town to enter upon the construction of a splendid and much needed system of sewers, at a large expense. This system was completed in 1888, and is said to be one of the best in the United States. This action on the part of the town has had much to do with its enormous growth and prosperity during the last few years.

In June of 1886, he was married to Addle Blanche Whitmore of Bucksport, who entered the seminary the year he graduated and graduated in 1885. She is devoted to her husband’s fortunes and has contributed her full share to his successes.

He early took an interest in politics and has taken an active part, either upon the stump or in the councils of his party, in every campaign, State or National, since leaving school.

In 1890 he was chosen a member of the Democratic State Committee of Maine, which position he held until the close of the campaign of 1892 which resulted in the election of President Cleveland. I)uring the past few years several ineffectual but most vigorous attempts have been made to persuade Mr. Higgins to lead his party as its candidate for Congress in the Third Maine District, but he has felt that he could hardly afford, at his age, to leave the certainties of an active professional life for the uncertainties of political life.

In 1891, his health beginning to fail, his physicians advised him to seek a drier climate and in October of that year he went to Pueblo, Colo., where he has organized the law partnership, consisting of Judge M. J. Galligan, his Bar Harbor partner, Mr. Deasy, and himself. He spends the summer months at Bar Harbor and the winter months at Pueblo. His Colorado interests and business are very considerable. Since leaving school he has defrayed the expense of educating his only brother, Charles N., five years his junior, for the Bar, sending him through a fitting school and to Boston University, after which he entered upon a most promising legal career, but a few months since was suddenly stricken with paralysis and died in a few days. Mr. Higgins’ health seems quite fully restored, and he is now devoting himself with renewed energies to his profession.

In him is combined the business man and the lawyer. He is quite largely interested in banking and real estate, and besides having the care of several large estates, he is almost constantly engaged in important litigation before the State and Federal courts, his practice extending into several States. His eloquence, coupled with his strong common sense and integrity, makes him a great power before a jury.

He has been successful in financial ways, and has shown his appreciation of these successes by giving liberally to the church and to charity.

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