Bio of William Henry Hilton
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

WILLIAM HENRY HILTON was born in Bremen, Me., in 1842. He worked on his father’s farm until fourteen years of age, and after that, during his school vacations, until twenty. He fitted at Lincoln Academy for Colby University, but, by reason of a long and serious sickness and subsequent poor health for several years, he was compelled to abandon his college course, though he pursued his studies privately.

He studied law with the late Hon. A. P. Gould, and was admitted to tile Bar in Knox County in 1864. He immediately removed to Damariscotta, where he has since resided and practiced his profession.

For years he was Supervisor of Schools in his native town and in Damariscotta. He was County Attorney for Lincoln County six years, when political campaigns in Old Lincoln were hot and close. Always an active Republican, Mr. Hilton has served constantly on Republican Town, County, or State Committees. He is reputed to be a very successful organizer.

He takes high rank at the Bar, and has been successful in his profession. He particularly excels as a cross-examiner. Perhaps his most noted case was that in which he deftnded Capt. William H. Clark for shooting and killing Wilson C. Groves. It was a hard-fought trial, resulting in a disagreement of tile jury, the freedom of Captain Clark on his personal recognizance, and finally a nol. pros. He is disposed to discourage all litigation unless of a substantial character and possessing merit. When he engages in a contest, whether of law or politics, he is a “hard fighter.”

In personal appearance Mr. Hilton is of dark complexion, with strong, clear-cut features. Standing alone, he does not strike one as being very much above the average height and weight, but in company with others, his six feet in height and more than two hundred pounds in weight are at once apparent.

Mr. Hilton is now Deputy Collector of Customs at Damariscotta.

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