Bio of Francis Eastman Hitchcock (M.D.)
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

FRANCIS EASTMAN HITCHCOCK was born in Damariscotta., Me., March 3, 1847. He was the son of Augustus Hitchcock and Mary J. (Eastman) Hitchcock. From his father he inherited an old English ancestry, reaching back to the tenth century; while the Eastman family ties embraced such men as Daniel Webster and Hawthorne, Emerson and the Sewells. Orphaned before he was three years old, his early life was spent at Plattville, Wis., and at Washington, D. C., where his uncle, Benjamin C. Eastman, was member of Congress from Wisconsin. His preparatory studies for college were pursued at Kent's Hill, Bates Seminary, and Lincoln Academy. He was graduated at Bowdoin College in 1868, and the same year began the study of medicine under Dr. S .H. Tewksbury, of Portland, Me., which he continued with Dr. S. C. Gordon of the same city.

A Bohemian life marked this period. Civil engineering on various surveys in the northern part of the State, reporting for the Portland Argus, teaching schools in the Portland island districts, and collecting bills for Portland doctors, were severally engaged in. While acting as keeper, under judicial powers, in bankrupt drug stores, he still continued his studies in materia medica. Performing the work of city physician in Portland, for two years, brought him much valuable medical experience, though the pecuniary results fell to the legal incumbent of said office. He attended two courses of instruction at the Portland Medical School of Instruction, and was graduated at the Maine Medical School, Brunswick, Medical Department of Bowdoin, in 1871.

Doctor Hitchcock began the practice of medicine in Portland, with Dr. S. H. Tewksbury, in 1871, but remained there but a short time, removing thence to Rockland, where he has since lived, and has an extensive practice.

Doctor Hitchcock has been Vice-President and Orator of the Maine Medical Association; is an active member of the Knox County Medical Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Medicine, and American Public Health Association. He was present at the meeting of the International Medical Congress in Washington, D. C., in 1887, and, in company with Dr. S. C. Gordon of Portland, attended its meeting in Berlin in 1890, also visiting the hospitals in England and on the Continent. In 1893 he was commissioned, by Governor Cleaves, as delegate to the PanAmerican Medical Congress assembled in Washington, D. C.

Doctor Hitchcock has been Surgeon General of the State Militia, and a member of the Board of Pension Examiners since its organization, in 1883, serving as President, Secretary, and Treasurer. For eight years he was President of the Rockland Board of Health, and instituted many reforms. He has also been a member of the School Board of Education.

Possessed of a keen brain, firm nerve, and a clear insight, supplemented by constant study and investigation in the realms of medical science, the doctor has made many discoveries of great value to the profession and help to the suffering. He was the first, in this country, to make a diagnosis before rupture, and advise primary operation for extra uterine pregnancy; this, despite the dictum of Tate, of Birmingham, that such diagnosis could not be made.

In politics Doctor Hitchcock has been always a Democrat. At the age of seventeen he was Assistant Secretary of the State Senate; but his political aspirations were smothered by a stern guardian, who shortly relegated him to the office of country school-master at Bristol, Me. Since his residence in Rockland he has served his party well, though his professional duties have compelled him to decline the mayoralty nomination urged by his friends.

He is a man of genial disposition, fine literary attainments, and an enthusiastic collector of rare books, valuable pieces of ancient furniture, and other relics of historic value but he is pre-eminently the physician and surgeon. and stands among the leading men in his profession in knowledge and skill. In 1878 he married Emily White, daughter of Col. John S. Case of Rockland. They have one daughter, Mary Eastman Hitchcock.

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