Bio of Seth L. Larrabee
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

SETH L. LARRABEE is a descendant of the Scarborough Larrabees of historic fame. He was born in that town, February 22, 1855, and is a son of the late Jordan L. Larrabee and of Caroline F. Beals Larrabee. He received his preliminary education in the district schools of his native town, and was fitted for college at the Westbrook Seminary. He entered Bowdoin College in 1871 and graduated in the class of 1875.

After his graduation Mr. Larrabee was for some time Professor of Languages in Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vt. In 1878 he was admitted to the Bar in Cumberland County, having prepared himself for the practice of his profession in the well-known law office of Strout & Gage, of Portland.

Mr. Larrabee, very soon after his admission to the Bar, opened an office in Portland and entered actively upon the practice of law. His abilities and industry were soon recognized, and he was not long in building up a good business, which has constantly grown until now he has a very large and lucrative law practice.

In 1879 he was elected Register of Probate for Cumberland County, and re-elected, serving two terms of four years each in that office. In 1891 he was elected City Solicitor of the city of Portland, was re-elected in 1893 and is now serving in that capacity with signal ability.

Mr. Larrabee is a busy man in his business, his professional and official duties demanding about all his time. But he is public spirited and enterprising, and is most desirous of seeing his city grow and prosper. It is a widely recognized fact that through his connections with the Portland Board of Trade, of which he is an active member and one of the Board of Managers, he has done more, according to the time and means at his command, to aid and promote the industrial interests of Portland than almost any other man. To this end he has devoted much valuable time without the hope of any personal reward.

He was one of the originators and principal promoters of the Casco Building and Loan Association, which is to-day one of the largest and most successful institutions of the kind in the State. He is Treasurer of and Attorney for this Association, as he is also for the Portland Building and Loan Association. He is also a Director in the Chapman National Bank. Many successful industrial corporations in Portland have been instituted through his influence and under his direction, and are aided in the management of their business by his prudent counsel and advice.

Mr. Larrabee's efforts in the line of promoting the prosperity of his city have been untiring, and much valuable time has been sacrificed by him to this purpose that might have been employed in his own private gain. He is a man of fine physique, has a great capacity for work and excellent executive abilities, all of which enable him to work expeditiously and effectively.

That his work in the direction noted is fully appreciated by his fellow-citizens is clearly shown by the confidence they repose in him, and is an evidence of his good judgment, tact, and business sagacity. With a large law practice and an excellent standing in the business world, a most pleasant and prosperous future seems assured to him.

Mr. Larrabee married, October 21, 1880, Lulu B. Sturtevant, daughter of Dr. Joseph Sturtevant of Scarborough. They have two children, Sydney B. and Leon S. Larrabee.

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