Bio of John F. Lynch
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

JOHN F. LYNCH of Machias was born in Milibridge, Me., May 9, 1846. His father was John Lynch, a son of William Lynch, who came to the town of Harrington from New Boston, N. H., about 1820. William Lynch married Ann Dorman, a daughter of Jabez Dorman, who with three others were the first settlers of the Narraguagus Valley in 1755. John Lynch married Maria L. Moore, daughter of Gen. Samuel Moore, of Steuben, who was a son of Robert Moore, a Revolutionary soldier. Samuel attained to much prominence in his time in military and political affairs. He was a member of the Executive Council of Governor Dunlap and held many other important public offices and positions of responsibility and trust.

John F. Lynchís parents, when he was about ten years old, moved to Cherryfield, where he was educated in the common schools of that town and at the Cherryfield Academy. Immediately after graduation he began the study of law with Freeman & Gifford of Cherryfleld, and was for a time in the office of Hon. Charles P. Brown of Bangor. He was admitted to the Bar in Washington County in 1868, and soon formed a partnership, at Machias, with Hon. George Walker, now of Portland. This partnership continued five years. Since that time he has remained in the practice of law in Machias, where he has held a leading position at the Bar for many years. He has a large clientage and is connected, as counsel, with most of the important cases of Washington County. As an advocate he has a wide reputation and is regarded as the leading jury lawyer in his part of the State, and is also justly considered a safe and reliable legal adviser.

In politics Mr. Lynch early espoused the principles of the Democratic party, and has been for many years an active leader in his party in Eastern Maine. Being an eloquent public speaker, his services have been sought in every campaign, and he has generously acceded to these requests, often at the sacrifice of his own business interests.

Mr. Lynch was elected to the Maine Legislature from a strong Republican district in Early in the session he made a speech in reply to Hon. Liewyllen Powers on the Pike Interest Bill, then pending, which was widely noticed throughout the State, and gave him a leading position in the House. As a member of the Committee on Legal Affairs, he reported a bill for the protection of game in this State, and through his advocacy and influence the bill became a law, which is substantially the game law of the present time, and which has so effectually prevented the wholesale destruction of game in our State. In 1879 he was Commissary General, with title of Colonel, on Governor Garcelonís staff. In 1884 he was the Democratic candidate for Congress in the Fourth Maine District, and again in i886. He delivered many speeches in each campaign, and made a splendid run in that strong Republican district. Mr. Lynch was appointed by President Cleveland in February, 1887, Collector of Customs for the District of Machias, which office he held for four years. In this position he gave universal satisfaction to men of both parties.

Mr. Lynch is, in the best sense, a self-made man. In early life he had to contend with many adverse circumstances, which would have discouraged one less strong and determined than he, and it was only by pluck and push, and a determination to win, that he has achieved success. He is social and companionable by nature, which qualities have won for him many friends at home and in various parts of Maine, where he is well known as an honored and respected citizen.

In 1872 Mr. Lynch married Mary E. Lewis, of Hyde Park, Mass., and bad by her three children, C. Lewis, M. Louise, and Jay Roy Lynch. Mrs. Lynch died March. 15, 1881.

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