Bio of Col. Charles H. Osgood
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

CHARLES H. OSGOOD, the enterprising, prosperous, and popular merchant and business man of Lewiston, is a native of South Berwick, Me., where he was born December 28, 1849. His father, Henry A. Osgood, was born in New Lebanon, N. Y., April 6, 1818. He and the late Hon. Samuel J. Tilden were playmates and school-mates, and the warm friendship formed in their youth only ceased with the death of Mr. Tilden.

When Charles was nine years old his parents, in 1858, removed to Lewiston, then only a prosperous town, where the father established himself in the jewelry business. Mr. Osgood's trade has more than kept pace with the very rapid growth of his city, which is now one of the most progressive cities in Maine, until to-day the business is the most extensive of its kind in the State, and as prosperous as any similar concern in New England.

Here the lad attended the public schools until he was sixteen years of age, when he entered the Commercial Department of the Edward Little Institute, from which institution he graduated with high rank in scholarship. After his graduation he entered his father's store, and when twenty-one years of age became a partner of the firm of H. A. Osgood & Co., where he has remained until the present time.

While Mr. Osgood has for twenty years devoted himself untiringly to the business interests of hIs house, and it is to his energy and push that its great prosperity is largely due, he has found time to do good service for the Democratic party, of which he early became an ardent adherent, and in which he has ever been an able and persistent worker. His genial and social nature and gentlemanly manners made him not only popular in the business world and in society, of which he was always fond, but a favorite with his party as well. His excellent business abilities and good judgment early commended him to its leaders, and to-day he is one of its influential managers. His counsel and advice are usually sought and always followed.

Mr. Osgood served with distinction on Governor Garcelon's staff in 1879 as Colonel, and has filled numerous other positions with grace and dignity. He has been in the City Government and President of the Board of Aldermen. In 1884 he was a delegate to the Democratic National convention at Chicago which nominated Cleveland and Hendricks, and the honor was accorded him of being the member from Maine on the committee to notify those distinguished gentlemen of their nomination. He represented his city in the Legislature in 1891-2, in which body he was an active, influential, and popular member. He declined an election to the present Legislature on account of pressing business cares. Mr. Osgood is a member of the Board of Trade, a Director of the First National Bank of Lewiston, and Treasurer of the Lewiston & Auburn Horse Railroad. He has also been Treasurer of the Sinking Fund of the City of Lewiston.

The business of his firm is both large and successful, reaching to every part of Maine and even beyond the State limits. For some time a branch house has been maintained at Jacksonville, Fla., where the senior member of the firm has spent his winters for several years. The firm occupied one store on Lisbon Street for more than twenty-five years, and until February 6 of the present year, 1893, when they moved into their elegant new block which is just completed. This building is on a lot contiguous to the old site, and is the handsomest business block in the city. Their store is one of the finest in New England. Here every facIlity is afforded them for carrying on their large business in all its various branches, both wholesale and retail. This establishment is a monument to their integrity, untiring industry, and business ability, of which they may justly feel proud. To the accomplishment of these grand results Colonel Osgood has contributed his full share, and his brilliant achievements have properly won for him the praise of the public and the admiration of his army of friends. The qualities displayed and success attained in his twenty years' business career make him, in the best sense, a representative man of the State of Maine.

Colonel Osgood is widely and favorably known in and out of the State. He is generous in his habits and lives pleasantly in a beautiful home, where his many warm friends are ever welcome. He is a prominent Odd Fellow and a member of several other organizations and societies.

June 27, 1871, Mr. Osgood married Henrietta A. Parker. daughter of Jacob R. and Lois Parker of Greene. They have no living children.

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