Bio of Eben E. Rand
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

EBEN E. RANI), the present Appraiser of the Port of Portland, was born in Lewiston, Me., April 27, 1841. His grandfather, Thomas Rand, a soldier of the Revolutionary Army, was a pioneer of Lincoln County and one of the first settlers of Lewiston, where his father was, for many years, a teacher and officer of the town.

The subject of this sketch moved to Lisbon when sixteen years of age, and there completed his school education at Lisbon Academy. But the young man's education did not terminate with his school-days, for he is of the type of men whose inquiring mind and energetic spirit lead them far beyond the curriculum of the schools, and who are constantly acquiring knowledge in the daily events of their busy lives.

Following the profession of his father, Mr. Rand taught school a number of years, and in 1870 moved to Locke's Mills, in the town of Greenwood, where he has, until recently, resided and been extensively engaged in trade. Here his energy, good judgment, and business capacity were at once recognized and called into play by his fellow-citizens. He was Secretary and one of the Directors of the Tibbetts Spool Manufacturing Company, and chainnan of the Board of Selectmen for many years, beside holding other town offices of responsibility and trust. In 1873 and in 1877 he was a member of the Legislature; in 1887 he was elected a member of the Council of Governor Bodwell, and in 1889 was sent to the Senate from Oxford County.

Mr. Rand's political activity, his large acquaintance with the leading Republicans throughout the State, and the warm friendship that had long existed between him and Senator William P. Frye, caused him to be favorably looked upon for further advancement in his party; and after the election of General Harrison to the Presidency, he became a candidate for the office of Appraiser of Merchandise at the Port of Portland and Falmouth, to which he was appointed in April, 1889, resigning the office of Postmaster at Locke's Mills, which he had held for ten years and through President Cleveland's administration. The nice and sometimes perplexing duties of this position have been performed by Mr. Rand in a most satisfactory manner; and it is well known that, at the semi-annual meetings of appraisers in New York, where important and puzzling questions arising out of this branch of the customs service are discussed, his opinions are sought and held in high consideration by his associates from all parts of the country.

Mr. Rand does not fail to make warm friends wherever he is known, being of a genial, social disposition, of sanguine temperament, and a frank, open manner and speech. Last year he purchased a place in Deering, where he now resides. Mr. Rand, with his vigorous constitution, buoyant spirits, and large reserve of pluck and determination, well equipped with extensive business and commercial knowledge. may safely look forward to increased prosperity in whatever direction he may turn his attention; and any new enterprise upon which he may embark is sure to feel the impress of his strong mental and physical personality.

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