Bio of Robinson, Franklin Clement - Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy.
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

THE subject of this sketch was born at East Orrington, Me., April 24, 1852. His father, Harrison Robinson, was a mechanic in the older meaning of the term, that is, knew how to work well as mason, blacksmith, machinist, and engineer, and his son, inheriting his tastes and working with him, obtained a good mechanical training, which he values exceedingly. When he was fifteen years of age his parents moved to Bangor in order that the sons might fit for college at the Bangor High School. He was two years in the Bangor school and during all the time, except in the winter, worked as assistant engineer in a steam lumber mill.

In 1869 he and his brother, Dr. D. A. Robinson of Bangor, entered Bowdoin College. 1)uring three years of his college course he helped to pay his expenses by engineering, using for that purpose the Summer term and vacation. He graduated in 1873, and after teaching a term of school at Glenburn, Me., was invited to become assistant in the chemical department at Bowdoin. This was at the beginning of the Spring term, 1874. In 1878 he was made Professor, and in 1855 was made Professor of Chemistry in the Maine Medical School also. Professor Robinson has published two books on chemistry for use of his classes, and has written accounts of special investigations for chemical journals, and also given several courses of lectures in different cities of the State. He believes that besides its direct influence on the students the college should exert an influence in the State wherever possible. In accordance with this he has conducted Summer classes in chemistry for teachers. He gave the first University Extension lectures in the State, and tries to keep in touch with the teachers of the State by attending educational conventions and taking part in discussions. He has been a member of the Superintending School Committee of Brunswick for sixteen years and for the most of the time chairman of the board. In this position he began the movement for a new high school-house and has seen it completed, an ornament and credit to the town. During the past year, 1892-3 he has been at work on the plans for the Mary F. S. Searles Science Building at Bowdoin, which will be one of the finest buildings in the country devoted to science teaching.

In 1890 Professor Robinson was appointed a member of the Maine State Board of Health, and, ifl 1891, was sent, as its delegate, to the International Congress of Hygiene and Demography at London, and took part in the discussions at that great meeting. He is also a member of the National Public Health Association; of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; of the American Chemical Society, and the Berlin Chemical Society.

In 1877 he married Ella M. Tucker, of Brunswick, and they have a family of three boys. Born and bred in Maine he has a great love for the State. is a great believer in her institutions, and has great faith in her future.

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