Bio of Francis M. Shaw
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

FRANCIS M. SHAW comes of a good family and distinguished ancestry and family connections, traceable r back through national and world-renowned dignitaries to the tenth century, many of whom have distinguished themselves as generals, judges, statesmen, congressmen, lawyers, clergymen, doctors, college professors, poets, and merchants, many having graduated from Oxford and Cambridge and American Universities. Among the family connections were Sir Walter Bartlett, on whom the Queen conferred the dignity of a Baronet, and our distinguished American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, whose mother was a Bartlett.

His father was Dea. Jacob Shaw, who was born in Middleboro, Mass, whose mother, Sybil Benson, was cousin of Hon. Samuel P. Benson, formerly member of Congress from Massachusetts. He moved when a young man to Albion, Me., where he engaged in teaching, in agricultural pursuits, and later in mercantile business. In 1860 he moved to China and engaged in general mercantile business, and was appointed Postmaster by President Lincoln at the beginning of his administration. In 1864 he moved to Rockland and engaged in the dry goods business. He was upright and honorable in all his dealings; was chosen Deacon of the First Baptist Church, of which he was an influential member and held in high esteem by all.

His mother, Hannah Bartlett Shaw, was daughter of Rev. Daniel Bartlett, one of the ablest of the Baptist ministers of Maine and belonged to a line of Baptist ministers; was a descendant of the Puritan fathers of New England, of Josiah Bartlett, the first Governor of New Hampshire, and of Josiah Bartlett, one of the framers and the first signer after John Hancock of the Declaration of American Independence, he of Robert Bartlett, who came from England in the "Ann" in July, 1623, and settled in Plymouth, Mass., and he of Adam Bartlett, Esq., who came with William, the Conqueror, and settled himself in Sussex County, England, and died in 1100.

Jacob and Hannah Shaw had six sons, Jacob B., Adoniram J., Eliab W., Francis M., E. Melville, and Charles E. Jacob Bartlett Shaw graduated from Colby University in 1860, received an appointment in the Interior Department in Washington, was twice promoted, and is now President of a manufacturing corporation in Massachusetts. Adoniram Judson was for many years a dry goods merchant in Rockland, now wholesale grain and flour dealer. Eliab W. enlisted in his country's service at the outbreak of the Rebellion, re-enlisting and serving in the army until near the close of the war, after which he and Charles E. engaged in business in Rockland. E. Melville was preparing for college at the beginning of the war and enlisted in his country's defense. After the close of the war he entered Colby University, graduating with honor in 1870; entered the Theological Seminary at Newton, Mass., and graduated in 1873. Entering the ministry, he settled in New Hampshire, and afterwards in Massachusetts.

Francis M. Shaw was born in Albion, Me., October 14, 1842. He was educated in the village schools, Fairfield's Select School at Dirigo, Me., and at China Academy, fitting for college, but by the earnest solicitation of his father was induced to give up the college course and enter into the mercantile business with him. He continued in the general merchandise business until January 1, 1865, when he moved to Rockland and engaged in the dry goods business with his father and brother, under the firm name of J. Shaw & Co., and later, after the death of his father, as Shaw Brothers. He was appointed manager of the Singer Manufacturing Company's business for the eastern portion of the State. He had charge of their business in that section for eleven years, until in 1888, resigning the position, he entered into the real estate and general brokerage business with Lawyer J. E. Hanly, under the firm name of Hanly & Shaw. In 1890 Mr. Hanly, moving to Boston, sold his interest in the business to Mr. Shaw, and he took in, as partner in the business, W. E. Blethen, and continued the business, adding general insurance business, under the firm name of Shaw & Blethen, until May, 1891, when Mr. Shaw bought his partner's interest in the business and has since carried it on alone and managed it successfully. He has ever been an active, aggressive business man.

He was for fifteen years Superintendent of the First Baptist Sunday School in Rockland, one of the largest and most progressive schools in the State.

He was always a staunch Republican and a great admirer of James G. Blame. He cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. He was for three years a member of the City Council and two years President of the Council.

He is a man of sterling integrity, and by his honorable and upright dealing has built up a profitable and successful business, and Rockland owes much to him for its recent boom and steady, unprecedented growth.

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