Bio of F. M. Simpson
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

THE HON. F. M. SIMPSON was born in the town of Dixmont in 1854, and is a son of Frederick A. and Harriet L. Simpson. He received his education in the common schools and the Maine Central Institute at Pittsfield. In 1868 he moved with his parents to Cannel, Penobscot County, where lie now resides. He served as clerk for his father, who was engaged in mercantile business at Simpson's Corner, Dixmont, and at Carmel Village for over thirty-three years, until he reached the age of twenty-four years. At that time he bought out the stock, and his father retired from business. He conducted the business alone until 1884, when he took in Mr. Lewis C. Whitten as partner, and the business since has been conducted under the firm name of Simpson & Whitten. In connection with his regular business, he has filled the position of Insurance Broker and has done quite a large fire insurance business. In 1878 lie was commissioned a Trial Justice for Penobscot County, and served in that position for fourteen years.

In politics lie has always been an active member of the Republican party. He served six years as Town Clerk, two years as Collector of Taxes, and three years as chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Carmel. He was a member of the Republican County Committee for Penobscot County for two years, and served as chairman of the Republican Town Committee of Carmel for sixteen years, and is serving in that capacity at the present time.

In 1884 he was elected by his class, consisting of the towns of Cannel, Levant, Stetson, and Kenduskeag, to represent them in the State Legislature, and he served as State Senator from his county for the years 1888-9 and 1890-1.

During his service in the Legislature, lie served as chairman of the Committee on Interior Waters and Indian Affairs, and was a member of the Committee on Financial Affairs, Banks and Banking, State Prison, Ways and Bridges, and Public Buildings.

He was Postmaster of Carmel during the Harrison administration, and was a member of the Executive Council of Governor Burleigh for the years 1891-2, and at the present time is a member of Governor Cleaves' Council for the years 1893-4. At the organization of the Council of Governor Cleaves, he was unanimously elected chairman of the Council for the two years.

In 1884 he married Mary Linnie Benjamin, daughter of Dr. John B. and Mary A. Benjamin, of Carmel, and has one child, Frederick B., born June 19, 1889.

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