Bio of Charles A. True
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

CHARLES A. TRUE, Attorney for the State for the County of Cumberland, was born in Portland, November 24, 1860. He is a son of Samuel A. True, Esq., and Ellen A. True. Mr. True’s early education was obtained entirely in the schools of Portland. In the Portland High School, also, he prepared for college. He was a member of the class of 1878, and on graduating received one of the Brown medals, awarded for excellence in scholarship and correctness in deportment. After leaving the High School, Mr. True began at once his college course at Colby, where he was graduated with honors in the class of 1882.

From college he went to the study of the law, at first entering the office of Symonds & Libby. It was under the direction of these able lawyers that Mr. True laid the foundation of his knowledge of the law. Having done this preliminary work carefully and patiently, he went to the Harvard Law School to complete his training and receive the much-coveted indorsement of that famous institution. Returning to Portland, Mr. True was admitted to the Cumberland Bar in 1885. He began his practice in the autumn of that year. As a lawyer he has been successful from the first.

In 1889 he became Assistant Attorney for Cumberland County, and after four years’ service in this capacity was nominated and elected County Attorney in 1892. In the County of Cumberland this office is one of the highest importance. Not only are the interests committed to the attorney’s care large and varied, but they are such as to call for the highest discretion, the strictest integrity, the fullest and most familiar knowledge of the law, and readiness and eloquence before the jury. A line of very able men have held the office: but it is no detraction from their merits to say that Mr. True is a worthy successor.

In 1888 Mr. True married Miss Gertrude A. Paine, daughter of the late H. L. Paine, Esq., of Portland. They have one child, a daughter.

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