Bio of Edwrard Wiggin
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

EDWARD WIGGIN, who is to-day one of the most active and enterprising men of the prosperous and progressive County of Aroostook, is a native of Bangor, Me., having been born in that city fifty-five years ago. He was educated in the common schools of the city, and fitted for college at the Bangor High School, under the thorough instruction of Master David Worcester.

Circumstances not being favorable for entering college, he went to Aroostook in the winter of 1854 - 5, when seventeen years old, to teach. He taught successfully in Hodgdon and vicinity a number of winters, returning to Bangor in the spring. He then settled in Hodgdon and engaged in farming and teaching.

In November, 1861, being desirous of aiding in the suppression of the Rebellion, he enlisted and recruited part of a company. In December of that year he went to Augusta and joined the Sixth Maine Battery, which had just been raised. He was made Sergeant, and the next year pro. moted to Second Lieutenant, and afterwards to First Lieutenant; served for some time as Acting Assistant Adjutant-General on the staff of the Second Brigade, Artillery Division of the Army of the Potomac.

At the close of his term of enlistment, he returned to Hodgdon and engaged in farming and teaching, in both of which he was a success, and which he continued to follow until 1869. During his residence in Hodgdon he held many of the town offices, being respectively Selectman, Town Clerk, and Superintending School Committee.

In the spring of 1869 he went to Fort Kent as Deputy Collector of Customs, which office he held eight years. He was also Superintending School Committee and local land agent at Fort Kent. In the fall of 1876 he purchased the farm at Maysville Centre, now in the town of Presque Isle, on which he has lived ever since; has been postmaster at Maysville Centre since and was Supervisor of Schools of Maysville until the town was joined to Presque Isle in 1883, and of Presque Isle from that time until the spring of 1892.

Since he has been a resident of Maysville the principal part of his time has been devoted to farming and teaching. He edited the North Star for a time, and was President of the North Aroostook Agricultural Society for several years. Mr. Wiggin was also an active member of the Maine Board of Agriculture three years, 1883 to 1885, and was President of the Board the last-named year. He was elected member of the State Senate for 1893—4 from his county, and was one of the leading members of that body at its session the present year.

Although Mr. Wiggin has been a pretty busy man during the later years of his life, he has found some time to devote to literary pursuits. He has been an almost constant and a very able contributor to the press in both prose and poetry. Of the latter, his “Epistle to Davie" was, at Mr. Barker’s request, printed with his poems in the first volume issued. ‘l’he most notable of his prose writings were his series of weekly articles on Aroostook County, which extended through two years of the Kennebee Journal, and which have since been condensed into a “History of Aroostook,” soon to be published. He also wrote a volume for the Chicago World Book Company, entitled “The State of Maine; its History, Growth, Development, Resources, and Industries." Mr. Wiggin has also lectured considerably in this and other States.

In politics Mr. Wiggin has always been a Republican, and is regarded as a leader of his party in his section of the county. In religion he is broad and liberal, his motto being. “Malice towards
none, charity for all.” -

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