Bio of Edward B. Winslow
A Collection of Biographical Sketches.
Prepaired under the direction of Henry Chase
Portland, ME.
The Lakeside Press, Publisher

EDWARD B. WINSLOW, the enterprising and well-known manufacturer and business man of Portland, was born in Westbrook, Me., the portion now forming the City of Deering, September 20, 1846. His father was John T. Winslow, who for many years has been identified with the manufacture of stone ware in Portland. His grandfather, Moses Winslow, was one of the early settlers in Falmouth, and was long and favorably known as a business man in Portland. The Winslows in those days were distinguished Quakers, and were instrumental in forming the first Quaker Society and building the Quaker meeting-house which stood for many years on the banks of the Presumpscot River in Falmouth, near the covered bridge. It was for a long time a familiar landmark. David Winslow, great-grandfather of Edward B., was the leading Quaker in church affairs here for many years.

Edward was educated in the public schools of his native town and at the Westbrook Seminary. After graduating from school he at once turned his attention to business. His father was connected with the Portland Stone Ware Company, and young Edward entered the employ of that concern. Its line of manufactures at this time was very limited, being confined chiefly to the manufacture of drain pipe and coarse stone ware in a small way and by a slow process. Edward was imbued with energy and a spirit of enterprise, which soon began to tell in the sales and business of the company with which he was connected. His business abilities soon became apparent, and he was taken into the company as manager of their outside business, principally. For the past thirteen years he has been a member of the firm of Winslow & Co., who are now proprietors of the Portland Stone Ware Company. Under the able and enterprising management of Mr. Winslow this concern has grown, in the past fifteen years, from a small manufacturing establishment, employing only a few hands, to be now one of the leading industries in or around the City of Portland, and one of the leading manufacturers of clay goods in this country, by the most approved processes.

Mr. Winslow has held many offices of public trust. At the present time he is President of the Portland Board of Trade, President of the Central Wharf Tow Boat Company, member of the Board of Water Commissioners, a I)irector in the Casco Loan and Building Association and also in the Portland Loan and Building Association.

Mr. Winslow has been a resident of Portland for the past twenty years, and represented the city in the Board of Aldermen for the years 1881, 1882, and in 1883 was elected chairman of the Board. He was a member of the Police Commission for two terms.

He has, for several years, been an efficient member of the Board of Manufacturers, the most important standing committee in the Board of Trade. He has taken deep interest in helping to promote many other industries of our State, and, with his well-known ability and public spirit, inspires confidence in all his undertakings, and, at all times, has at heart everything that will promote the interests of the City of Portland and the State of Maine.

He married, in 1871, Miss Alice J. Leavitt, daughter of James A. Leavitt of Portland. They have had no children. A portion of the year Mr. Winslow resides in a handsome cottage on his fine farm in Deering, where he takes great pride in cultivating fruits, shrubbery, and all kinds of flowers, and enjoying all the luxuries of rural life and the entertainment of his friends.

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