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Mr. Bixby may recur with commendable pride to his New England origin. The Green Mountain State had for years been the home of the Bixby family, and Guilford, Windham Co., the birthplace of members of the present branch. Thompson A. Bixby was the eldest in a family of five children, and was born Oct. 26, 1836. His early years were spent with his father, where the intervals of rest after arduous labor were employed in study, attending school at Westminster Seminary, Vt. His thoughts had long been directed towards the West, where he ultimately found a home. A brief time was spent in Kalamazoo, after which, in connection with his brother, he purchased, in the fall of 1866, the present home of sixty acres. It abounded at that time in a luxuriant growth of hemlocks, but has since been converted into a productive fruit farm, upon which peaches are made a specialty. Mr. Bixby was married Dec. 15, 1870, to Miss Sarah Dow, of Casco, who was a native of Connecticut, and born Sept. 27, 1839. Her parents were pioneers to Michigan in 1852, and are still residents of Casco, having erected the earliest frame house in the township soon after their arrival. Mr. and Mrs. Bixby have had six children, born as follows: Willard J., Aug. 2, 1872, who died Sept. 27, 1872; John E. and Josie E., born April 18, 1875; Blanche S., July 15, 1878; and Grace A. and Glen A., July 14, 1879. The mother of Mr. Bixby died in 1849, and in 1873 his father (Ezekiel Bixby) became a resident of Casco, having been extended a welcome to the cheerful family circle of his son. His death occurred May 21, 1880, aged seventy.four years and eight months. Mr. Bixby is a Democrat in his political preferences, though not an active partisan.

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