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Augustus S. Butler was born in Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y., in 1834. In 1840 his parents emigrated to Michigan, and settled in Adrian, where they remained till 1847, when they removed to Lansing. At the age of thirteen young Butler became a clerk in a store, and walked twenty-six miles to hold the position. Ever prompt, ready, and accurate, he gave unbounded acceptance in this position, and in 1854 was given a clerkship in the office of the Secretary of State, discharging his duties to the entire satisfaction of all. For several years he compiled the Legislative Manual. In 1856 he assisted in the compilation of the land abstracts of Ingham County. lie removed to Allegan in 1857, and compiled for the Hon. John R. Kellogg the abstract of land-titles for Allegan County, a work in which he was engaged for three years. From his boyhood he took a deep interest in public affairs. Frank in the expression of his sentiments, he always made his views manifest on all the great questions of the day. In 1860 he was deputy United States marshal, and assisted in the collection 0f the census for Allegan County. In 1861 he formed a copartnership with Wolcott H. Littlejohn, in the book and stationery business, opening the first store of that kind in the county. In December, 1862, Mr. Butler opened the first banking establishment in the county in the Ebmyer building, occupying a small space in the store of A. B. Case & Co., at a rental of twenty-five dollars per year, and with a capital of two hundred and fifty dollars. He rapidly acquired the confidence and patronage of the business men, and the enterprise proved to be highly remunerative. In 1868 he formed a copartnership with H. B. Peck, which continued for five years. Mr. Butler took great interest in political matters, and filled several positions of trust; he served on many important committees, and took a prominent part in the conventions of his party. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention of 1872, where he took a prominent part in the nomination of Horace Greeley. He was the founder of the Allegan Literary and Library Association, and was elected its first president. He was a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and at the time of his death was Worshipful Master of the Allegan Lodge and member of the Knights Templar Commandery at Kalamazoo. In 1861, Mr. Butler was married to Miss Cornelia, daughter of the Hon. Flavius J. Littlejohn, of Allegan, who still survives him. From all that can be learned of his associates, he was a man far up the scale in all that pertains to true manhood. He was energetic and prompt in business, and in all respects a wortliy citizen and a useful member of society. He met his death Aug. 11, 1873, by the overturning of a stage while on a pleasure excursion in New Hampshire.

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