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Orrin Goodspeed was born in the township of Mentor, Geauga Co., Ohio, Aug. 6, 1816. His father, Nathaniel Goodspeed, a native of Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., married a widow, Mrs. Miller, and became an early settler in Ohio.

Orrin, their only child, grew to manhood in the latter State, and on the 9th of March, 1837, was married to Sally M. Curtis, of Northfield, Ohio. As farmers the father and son passed an uneventful life in the Buckeye State until the autumn of 1845. When journeying with their own conveyances to the northern border of the present township of Dorr, they purchased a quantity of State lands, and during the same season became the first settlers within its limits.

From the time of his settlement here until the present Orrin Goodspeed has been one of the most prominent citizens, and by habits of industry and economy is now the possessor of a most beautiful and fertile farm, embracing the lands purchased by his father in 1845.

To Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Goodspeed were born twelve children, viz.: George N., Feb. 14, 1838; died at Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan. 9, 1865, while serving his country as a member of the Michigan Engineers and Mechanics. Cyrus E., born Sept. 20, 1839; died Sept. 17, 1874. Daniel V., April 27, 1842. Then an infant who died unnamed. William F., April 20, 1844; died Aug. 19, 1853; Charles L., June 21, 1846; died May 21, 1856. Orrin A., March 30, 1848; Sylvia A., May 20, 1850; Catherine J., May
1, 1852. Jobn W. W., May 24, 1854; died March 13, 1867. Sally M., May 22, 1856. Pheobe A., Feb. 22, 1859; died Jan. 9, 1880. The wife and mother died Sept. 28, 1864.

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