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C. O. Hamlin was born in Lexington township, Stark Co., Ohio, Feb. 1, 1813, and was the third in a family of eleven children,- six boys and five girls. His father, Stephen Hamlin, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Elizabeth (Felts) Hamlin, was also a native of that State, having married Mr. Hamlin some time in 1807, afterwards removing to Ohio, locating on the farm where they died,- Stephen Hamlin in 1856, and Elizabeth Hamlin in 1878.

C. O. Hamlin, like most boys of his time, passed his boyhood days with little advantages of schooling, and less time for play and recreation, hard work being the portion of nearly all in those days. At the age of twenty he commenced life for himself, working on a farm for the first years by the day and month. Then he learned the blacksmith's trade, and at the age of twenty-five he married, in Stark Co., Ohio, Dec. 14, 1837, Miss Margaret M. Fisher, daughter of Reuben and Lavina (Knox) Fisher, both natives of Crawford Co., Pa., where Miss Margaret was born, Aug. 2, 1820. Mr. Fisher's death occurred in Michigan in 1851 or '52, and Mrs. Fisher's in Kalamazoo, in 1873.

After the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin they commenced housekeeping in the town, Mr. Hamlin working at his trade. Bore they remained for nine years, and in the spring of 1846 started westward with their family of five children, traveling in the usual way of those days, by wagon, stopping first at Battle Creek for some six months; then moved to and settled on the farm where they now live, consisting of one hundred and sixty acres on section 32, and which only had a small improvement when they purchased, and, though Mr. Hamlin has continued working at his trade, being the only blacksmith in that vicinity for many years, still has managed his farm with success and profit.

Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin are the parents of the following children, who have grown to manhood and womanhood, viz.:
Harvey R., born Dee. 10, 1838; Melissa L.,born April 13, 1840; Jarret H., born Sept. 13, 1841, died Dee. 12, 1861, in the army; Malinda N., born May 7, 1843 Maria O., born Dee. 22, 1844; Caroline F., born Oct. 23, 1848; Emeline M., born Aug. 2, 1850; Ida A., born Sept. 1, 1852, died May 22, 1873; Viola A., born Aug. 12, 1854; Charles F., horn March 31, 1862 ; besides these, three have died in childhood. In ttddition to the home-farm of one hundred and sixty acres, Mr. Hamlin owns other land in the township to the amount of one hundred and twentyfive acres. He has always followed mixed farming, but, like many others of this township, has of late years interested himself in fruit-raising, and with success.

Politically, Mr. Hamlin is a Republican, but never seeking the emoluments. of political work, leaving for others who wish them the offices and honors.

Their family are all grown to manhood and womanhood, and, with the exception of one son and one daughter, have left home seeking fortunes for themselves.

Mr. Hamlin built the first pier on this portion of the lake. It is now known as the Clapp Pier, and was built by him in 1860.

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