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Nelson K. Healy, the father of Albert D., was a native of Massachusetts, and became a Michigan pioneer in 1833, coming to the State when twenty years of age, and choosing Mendon, St. Joseph Co., as a location. The mother was a pioneer of 1835, and a former resident of Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Healy were married during the year 1843, and their son, Albert D., was born Oct. 5, 1844, at Mendon. Until his eighteenth year he was a member of the home-circle, where farm labor, varied by attendance at the public school of the neighborhood, occupied his time. He soon after acquired the trade of a painter, and embraced fourteen States in the area over which he followed this vocation. Mr. Healy was married Oct. 16, 1872, to Miss Amanda, daughter of William and Susan Ellis, of Covington, Ky., who was the seventh in a family of twelve children. Mr. Ellis was a Virginian by birth, while Mrs. Ellis was a native of Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. Healy have two daughters,-Fanny E., born Aug. 1, 1875, and Mina Myrtle, whose birth occurred March 19, 1878. Their residence, a sketch of which is given on an adjoining page, is known as the "Gothic Ridge" farm, and embraces thirty-two acres of land. It is devoted principally to the cultivation of choice varieties of fruit, and its proprietor has achieved a reputation as a successful fruit-grower. He has seventeen acres covered by peach-trees, eight hundred and eighty plum-trees, and six acres embracing various other fruits peculiar to the climate. The attractive residence upon this ground was built from designs made by its owner. Mr. Healy's political affinities have been since the beginning Democratic, though his business affairs preclude the possibility of devoting his time to public interests.

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