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Mr. Penfold is of English extraction, and was born in Sussex, England, May 21, 1828. Having become impressed with the superior advantages accorded artisans and laborers in the New World, he, at the age of twenty-one, bade adieu to the mother-country and embarked for America. After a brief residence in New York State Mr. Penfold returned to England, and was united in marriage to Miss Caroline Gratwick, who was born Dec. 31, 1827, and was a native of Sussex County, as were also her parents. Two children add to their happiness, Henry J., born Oct. 11, 1856, and Charles E., whose birth occurred Nov. 21, 1862. An adopted daughter, Miss Hattie, is also a member of the pleasant family circle.

Mr. Penfold returned again with his bride to America, where, in connection with his brother Henry, who had meanwhile left his native shore, Edward engagcd in labor in New York State. During the year 1855 they removed to Michigan, whcre he purchased 40 acres of land in Ganges. This was soon transformed from a wilderness into fruitful fields, and two years later sold and a more extensive farm purchased, upon which his present residence stands. During one of the big fires in that year of fires (1871), and on the day Chicago was burned, his log house and the lumber and shingles for a new one, and two barns, together with all utensils, were burned.

During the late war both Edward and Henry Penfold were actively engaged in the contest, the latter of whom sacrificed his life for the cause. In 1877, Mr. Penfold, accompanied by two neighbors, visited again his native land for a brief period. They revived many pleasant associations, but returned fully impressed with the advantages of a rcpublican over a monarchical government. Mr. Penfold is regarded as a public-spirited citizen, and his career has fully justified the estimate in which he is held. His wife and his eldest son are exemplary members of the Wesleyn Methodist Church.

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