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S. S. Stout, son of Wm. A. Stout, was born in the State of New York, in 1829. The father was a farmer, and here S. S. remained until he was grown to manhood. He then made choice of a profession, selecting that of medicine, going to Dr. Downing to pursue his coarse of study. Attended medical lectures at Geneva, N. Y., in 1853. After leaving college spent three and one-half years working on the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan Air-line Railroad, then being built. This road passed through the northern part of the State of Ohio. After leaving the railroad purchased a farm in Michigan, intending at the time to become a farmer, but his health being poor, and not having a disposition to work on a farm, now entered the practice of medicine.

A successful practice has extended over a period of twenty-two years, thirteen years of that time in the township of Cheshire. He possesses the necessary qualifications of a physician other than kuowledge,ógeniality of disposition, kindness, and compassion. He is in every sense a worthy citizen.

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