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Stephen S. Ingerson can trace his lineage from the Bidwells, of England, his grandfather, George Bidwell, being a native of Connecticut, and a Revolutionary soldier. In 1784 moved his family and household goods to Starksboro', Vt., being the first settler in that township. Here Sarah Bidwell was born, Jan. 4, 1795, and on the 10th of October, 1813, married Ira Ingerson, also a native of Vermont. This union was productive of nine children, of whom our subject was the youngest, and born in Huntington, Vt., July 3, 1835. Here he lived until five years of age, when they removed to Monkton, Vt. Then, in 1845, came with his parents to his present home, where his father purchased one hundred and sixty acres of wild land and began the clearing necessary to the planting of crops, etc. From the age of six to sixteen, Stephen spent about onehalf of his time in the district school; his father, being determined to educate his children, used to work at shoemaking until after midnight in order to keep them in school and pay their bills. In consequence, all his children received a liberal education, although he three times lost his property through the dishonesty of others. He was accidentally killed while on his way to a saw-mill, some three miles distant, with a load of logs, the ox-team which he was driving turning out of the road for water to drink, overturning the sleigh with him. After this sad event, which happened when Stephen was seventeen years old, he remained with and supported his mother until Dec. 7, 1856, when he married Miss Frances E. Lee, of Woodland, although a native of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., N. Y. They have had four children, three of whom are living.

Mr. Ingerson is not an actual member of any church, although contributing liberally towards their support, and being superintendent of the Union Sabbath-school of the Free Will Baptist Church for the last three years, and for ten years has been an active attendant and supporter of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

In politics he is a Republican; was elected township clerk when twenty one years old; held that office four years; then for several terms was township treasurer, afterwards town clerk, again was deputy postmaster two years, and commissioner of highways two years, which office he still holds. Has been administrator of several estates, and held the position of guardian of minors since he was twenty-three years old; for three years has been president of the Township Insurance Company.

He began the battle of life at the age of seventeen, with his interest in the farm, then said to be worth one hundred dollars, and fourteen dollars in personal property, and by industry, thrift, and good habits, alone and unaided, except by his good wife, secured a fine property and home; says he has never turned a person from his doors who applied in the name of charity for bread or hospitality, and has supplied their needs without asking a question, simply because he felt it his imperative duty.

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