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John Kilpatrick, a view of whose home appears upon another page of this work, was horn in Ayrshire, Scotland, May 12, 1820, and the eldest in a family of eleven children. He lived at home until June 8, 1842, when he set sail for that land of promise of which so many longing hearts in the Old World dream, America. After a month’s tossing on the broad Atlantic, he found himself in New York City, literally a stranger in a strange land. Leaving the city behind him, he found himself in Monroe County, where he went to work on a farm by the year, afterwards baying a quarter section of wild land in Michigan from the man lie worked for, and in the summer of 1847 sent for his father, who sold what little property he possessed in Scotland and brought his family to Rochester, N. Y., where John met them, and together they came to Michigan. They built a house on his land and lived together about one year, when his father, John (Senior) built a house on land he had bought, and where he resided until his death, which occurred March 14, 1869, when he was seventy one years of age. His wife, Janet, survived him until Oct. 22, 1878, aged eighty-one.

John, the subject of our sketch, was married Feb. 29, 1852, to Eunice Wilson, a native of New York. To this marriage were born John Bruce, Sept. 1, 1853, died May 18, 1856, and Mary E., born Sept. 9, 1857, who died Feb. 7, 1858. The wife and mother soon followed, departing this life Dec. 7, 1858.

Nov. 2, 1859, Mr. Kilpatrick married Miss Margaret Hagar, whose people were very early settlers in this State. Two children were born to them,— Mary A., born Aug. 6, 1860, died Sept. 10, 1861; and Andrew C., born Nov. 21, 1862. Again Mr. Kilpatrick was afflicted by the loss of his wife, which occurred Nov. 30, 1863.

July 16, 1865, he was for the third time married, this wife, Mrs. Mary Shaffer, having lost her husband in the army. They are the parents of the following children,— Samuel, born May 17, 1868, died Aug. 8, 1870 ; David A., born Aug. 14, 1870, died Sept. 8, 1871; Jesse, born Jan. 2, 1873; Viola, born May 26, 1875; and John Hays, born Jan. 17, 1877.

In politics Mr. Kilpatrick is a Republican ; started as a Free Soiler; has held several town offices. Is a member of the United Brethren Church, of which he has been one of the trustees since its organization in his neighborhood.

History of Allegan and Berry Counties, Michigan
With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
of Their Men and Pioneers.
D. W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia 1880
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