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The parents of Pliny McOmber were residents of Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y., at the time of his birth, which occurred in that place on the 15th of March, 1825. When Pliny was about eight years of age the family removed to Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y., where he attended the district school during the winter terms. In 1836 the ndvantages offered by the new State of Michigan began to attract great attention among the farmers of the Eastern States, and a very large and constantly increasing emigration was the rcsult. Among those who became infected with this almost universal desire to remove West for the purpose of bettering their fortunes on the virgin lands of the Peninsular State was Mr. Richard MeOmber, who came to Michigan in the summer of 1837, and purchased the northeast quarter of section 22, in Johnstown (now Maple Grove), and removed to it with his family the fall of 1838. This purchase had been made from John Mott, whose daughters were living in the neighborhood, one of these-Miss Emma Mott- being teacher of the school which Pliny first attended in Michigan.

He remained at home with his father, assisting in the labors of the farm, until 1848, when, in company with two sons of Dr. Harwood, he engaged in the erection of a sawmill on Cedar Creek, in section 9, of the township of Baltimore (then Johnstown). He continued to operate this mill for about three years, when he returned to his father's farm, but soon after went to Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., for the purpose of attending school at that place. After a year of study at Palmyra he returned home, but in the year 1852 he again went to New York State, where he attended school at Palmyra, Wayne Co., for about øne year. While there he made the acquaintance of Miss Emily Sanford, who became his wife on the 2d of March, 1854. The newly-married couple came to Michigan and lived in the family of his father. On the death of the latter, Pliny McOmber came into the possession of the homestead, where he still resides.

Mr. McOmber, who was originally an old line Whig, became an ardent Republican, and continued a firm adherent to the principles of that party from its birth, in 1856, until the organization of the Greenback party, when he transferred his support to the latter.

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