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Jeremiah M. Rogers, son of Jered S. Rogers, one of the first settlers of the town of Canton, and up to the time of his death its most prominent citizen, was born in the town of Hector, Tompkins Co, N. Y., March 17, 1832, and was the eldest son in a family of five boys and three girls. In 1836 there was a heavy emigration to the then Territory of Michigan, induced by the low price and fertility, of its lands, and the elder Rogers, foreseeing the ultimate advantages to be derived by his sons from an early settlement, decided to emigrate. Accordingly, in the early part of 1836, he came to Carlton, and purchased a farm in the vicinity of what is now known as “Rogers’ Corners.” Barry County at this time was one dense wilderness; here nnd there a few adventurous pioneers had erected rude log cabins. Hastings had not reached the distinction of a hamlet, and the first few years of Mr. Rogers’ life in Carlton were marked by many an incident of privation and hardship. Jeremiah, or Jerry, as he is familiarly known, was at this time five years of age; he recollects distinctly, however, the old “Bunker Tavern,” at Hastings, the first habitation built in the town. The elder Rogers was a thrifty, industrious farmer, and a man of remarkable energy, and he soon became comparatively forehanded, and took a leading position among the early settlers in all matters. Jeremiah obtained his education at the log school-house, but what he failed to get there he has since obtained by reading and observation. He lived with his father up to the time of the latter’s decease, when he purchased a part of the old farm, to which he has made repeated additions. He now owns about three hundred acres of valuable land, and is one of the important farmers and stock-growers of die county.

In 1855, Mr. Rogers was married to Miss Betsey J. Furster, of Eaton Rapids. They have been blessed with four children,— Miles J., Nellie May, Clarence H., and Claude.

In his political and religious affiliations he is a Republican and a Baptist. There are but few men in Carlton, if any, who have been more prominent in its history than he, no enterprise having for its object the advancement of the interests of the town but has found in him an enthusiastic patron. He has taken an active part in all religious and social matters, and his name is so stamped upon the history of the town that it cannot be effaced.

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