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Ralph Morgan, the father of John C., was born in the State of New York on the 18th day of March, 1824. On arriving at manhood he acquired the profession of a dentist. His wife, whose maiden name was Chase, was a native of Massachusetts, being the daughter of a distinguished engineer, who designed the celebrated works for utilizing the water-power at Holyoke, in that State. Ralph Morgan died Dec. 31, 1878.

John C. Morgan was born on the 13th day of February, 1856, in Chicopee, Mass. Eight days afterwards his mother died, leaving the son at that tender age without the loving care which only a mother can give. An aunt., however, living at Southampton, Mass., kindly consented to take charge of the child, and with her he remained until he was twelve years old. At this age he went to his father, who had removed to Greenfield, Mass. In 1861 his father married the second time, and in 1869 removed with his family to Michigan, locating on the farm known as Lake Side farm, in Chickamiog township, Berrien Co., on which his son now resides. John C. Morgan, at the age of twentyone, married Arvilla, daughter of John S. and Ann E. Gibson. His children are Gay Ralph, born April 14, 1878; Donald St. Clair, born May 19, 1879. Mr. Morgan is employed in making cider, jellies, and sorghumsugar; also in raising all kinds of vine-seeds and sugarcorn, which he takes to the New York anti Philadelphia markets. He owns a farm situated in the fruit belt of Michigan, called Lake Side farm, also a wheat farm of one hundred and sixty acres, called River Side farm, near the former. In politics he is a Republican, in religion a Liberal. Personally, he is an industrious, energetic, upright man, a fine specimen of the active, intelligent Michigan farmer.

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With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
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