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is a native of Pennsylvania, though his father and mother were both natives of New York. He was born Aug. 14, 1825, and was one of a family of five children, four boys and one girl. One of the brothers died when grown, and the sister died when quite young.

Cyrus was raised on a farm, remaining at home assisting his father about the farm until he was twenty-two years of age. June 8, 1848, he married Miss Hannah B., daughter of Jonathan and Ann Woolverton. Of this union have been born nine children, of whom five are living. Mrs. Thurston's mother was a relative of Col. Daniel Boone. Cyrus came to Michigan in the fall of 1853, renting land and farming until 1855, when he made his first purchase of eighty acres, on section 8 of this township. In 1846 he bought the present homestead of sixty acres, to which he has since added thirty acres, making a fine farm of ninety acres. His advantages for an early education were limited, but, being anxious to secure a good education, he attended a high school two terms just before his marriage and the Michigan State Normal School one term after his marriage. This, with his reading and constant study outside of school, fitted him for teaching, and he then entered that profession, farming during the summer and teaching in the winter. He has taught in every district in his township except one; also has taught in Ohio and Indiana, and has filled the position of superintendent of schools.

In polities he has always been a Democrat, and is now identified with those advocating hard money. In religion he is connected with that denomination known as the Latter Day Saints.

Mr. Thurston has ever been an industrious and ambitious man, and by these good qualities has secured fbr himself and family a comfortable home. These facts must make memory a pleasure, and give zest to the enjoyments of this life.

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