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The subject of this sketch, Elijah Bishop, was born at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., in 1811, and is a son of Sylvester and Ruth (Duel) Bishop.

The life of Mr. Bishop has been no holiday affair, for his parents being poor, he was obliged to face the stern realities of life, and assist in obtaining a livelihood by performing the laborious work on a farm when so young that he had not strength sufficient to straighten up the plow he was vainly endeavoring to guide. His opportunities for obtaining an education were quite limited, and like many of the solid, substantial and successful men of our country, commenced life with but little book knowledge, but having early acquired habits of industry, was prepared for the hardships of pioneer life he was called upon to endure, and success has crowned his labor. When four years of age, he removed to Cayuga County, of his native State, with his parents, and remained there until attaining his majority, when he emigrated to Medina County, Ohio, and made it his home until coming to Cass County, in 1838, at which time he was accompanied by his father.

Mr. Bishop purchased his farm of George Redfield, and can now look back with much complacency to the hard struggle necessary to pay for it. The first payment of $25 was made by splitting fence-rails, but those succeeding were the most difficult to meet, for wages were but 50 cents per day and store pay legal tender, and for one year's labor one would sometimes procure but $5 in cash. Corn brought but 20 cents per bushel; wheat from 40 to 50 cents per bushel pork, $1.50 per hundred; and it was so difficult to obtain money, that he had almost decided to surrender his farm, when all but' three of the forty acres were cleared when Mr. Redfield extended the time indefinitely, and he concluded to resume his labors. It was a joyful time when the last dollar was paid, although it took his work oxen to make up the amount. At this time he discarded his squirrel skin cap and purchased a plush one which' was looked upon as the height of extravagance by his neighbors. Mr. Bishop avers that his sugar bill now aggregates more than his entire household expenses at this time.

He now possesses a fine farm, all the results of his own untiring industry, and the highest meed of praise is due for his energy and enterprise, and he is now numbered among the progressive and prominent farmers of Mason Township. In politics, he affliates with the Democratic party. In 1832, he was married to Amelia, daughter of Jonatan Stephens, who came to Cass County in 1836, where his death occurred at the residence of his daughter, in 1851. Mrs. Bishop has well performed her part in the struggle for a livelihood and ultimate competency, and is the mother of five children, viz.: Jonathan, who resides in Mason; Augusta, now Mrs. J. W. Thomas, in Indiana; Mary and Hiram, who reside at home, and Eleanna, now Mrs. David Holderman.

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