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Cornelius J. Bradt and his wife, Margaret (Veeder), were both born in the town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County, N. Y., and moved to the town of Castile, Wyoming County, of that State, where their son, John C. Bradt, the subject of this sketch, was born October 23, 1824. Although both his parents were born in this country, the Bradt family can trace their ancestry back to Holland. Mrs. Margaret Bradt deceased in 1871, while her husband, Cornelius J., departed this life March 3, 1882, at the advanced age of eighty six years.

J. C. Bradt's opportunity for acquiring an education was limited to district schools during the winter months. After attaining the age of eleven years, except thirty-eight months, which time w'as consumed in attending a select, school at Perry, Nunda Literary Institute and the Seminary at Lima; but being of a studious nature, every opportunity for self-culture has been seized with avidity, and they were very considerable during the next fourteen years, in which he was engaged in school teaching during the winter season, so that he is now in possession of an extensive fund of information.

He next turned his attention to merchandising, but one year as a clerk demonstrated the fact that it was not congenial employment, and having gathered together his worldly possessions, amounting to $800, he in 1856 came to Michigan, and purchased his present farm in Marcellus, when in a state of nature, and since then has devoted most of his attention to farming, and has been very successful in his chosen occupation, his property being the result of his own industry. He is a man of keen perception, quick apprehension and sterling worth, and these qualities have been fittingly acknowledged by the people of the township, who have elected him to the offices of Pathmaster, School Inspector and Supervisor, and by the people of the county, who elected him to fill the office of County Surveyor. Mr. Bradt did not succumb to the fascinating wiles of the fair sex until he had attained the age of forty years, when he, on August 17, 1865, met his fate in the person of Miss Elmina Blakeslee, who was born in Perry, Wyoming County, in 1834.

They have been blessed with one child, Charles J., and are now together enjoying the confidence and esteem of the community in which they reside. Mr. Bradt's religious affiliations are with the Baptist denomination.

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