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Thomas J. Casterline, or Doctor Casterline as he is familiarly known, was born in Romulus, Seneca County, N. Y., January 3, 1813. His parents, Barreabas and Rhoda Casterline, were natives of Orange County, from whence they removed in the early part of 1800 to Seneca County. The mother was one of those noble women, who seem to be the personification of all the cardinal virtues. At the age of eleven years, Thomas went to live with a farmer by the name of Jonas Seely, with whom he remained four years, when he returned home and shortly after was prostrated by sickness; his life was spared, but he left his bed a cripple for life. His education was confined to the common schools of his native town, but what he failed to acquire from books he learned from observation and experience. On arriving at that age when most young men realize the fact that the time has arrived when they are to do for themselves, and knowing that his success in life was dependent upon his own exertions, and being physically incapacitated for many of the vocations in life, he resolved to make the profession of medicine his life work. He commenced its study with Dr. Champlain, of Allegany County, N. Y., and afterward studied with Dr. Alfred Griffin. In 1840, he established himself in the practice of his prnfession in the village of Cuba. About this time, he met his destiny in the person of Miss Rachael M., daughter of Ralph and Mary Hurlburt, of Litchfield, Conn., whom he married in 1841. Mrs. Casterline was born in Canaan, Conn., January 4, 1818. After their marriage, the young couple made a brief visit to the home of Mrs. Casterline, and during the time decided to come to Michigan, where they arrived in October, 1844. His first location was the place which has since been his home, and which was at the time in a state.of nature. By industry and economy, he has made repeated additions to the little beginning of fifty-five acres, and his farm is one of the most valuable ones in that portion of the township in which it is situated. The Doctor has been successful, not only in securing a well-earned competency, but in the building-up of an enviable reputation. Both he and his wife are exemplary members of the Disciple Church, and in them all church enterprises find liberal supporters. Although not a politician, he has pronounced ideas on all political matters. He affiliates with the Democratic party and dates his conversion to its principles to the time of Andrew Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Casterline have been blessed with three children-Rhoda M., who married James M. Huey, in 1870; Mary E., now Mrs. George W. Paul, and Byron H.

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