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William Condon was born in the county of Cork, Ireland, October 17, 1815, and is a son of Thomas and Ellen (Sheeley) Condon. His father having deceased when he was a small boy, and his mother having married again, he, in company with a brother and sister, when fourteen years of age, accompanied an uncle and about twenty of his relatives to Quebec, Canada. He made Peterburg his home for about four years and then went to Buffalo, N. Y., and about three years later to Cleveland, Ohio. While residing here, the Patriot war broke out and he went to Canada to join the insurgents, but, becoming unfavorably impressed with the embryo army, he returned to Cleveland and engaged to drive two yoke of oxen to Elkhart, Ind., for an emigrant, and reached there March 18, 1838. Here he put in a crop of wheat, which was exchanged for ninety-one acres of wild land in La Grange, to which he made an additional purchase. of forty acres, working by the month at the low wages then received to pay for it. He worked extremely hard in clearing this land, often chopping through the entire night, if moonlight, for he was a man of unusual powers of endurance. In 1840, he erected, a log cabin, which, ih a measure, com
memorated his identification with the Whig party. While clearing his farm, he .kept bachelor's hall until his marriage, June 16, 1844, to Rosana, daughter of John Ham, a pioneer of La Grange, who was born June 22, 1827. By perseverance, economy and hard labor, Mr. Condon has succeeded in accumulating a handsome competency and is numbered among the successful farmers of Jefferson Township, for before bequeathing a portion to his son he possessed a farm of 440 acres.

He has been identified with the Democratic party since 1856, and, although elected to the office of Justice of the Peace, never served, for, having an aversion for public or official life, he refused to qualify.

He has been a member of the Masonic 'fraternity many years, and as a Chapter member held the office of Treasurer for many years. Of his family of ten children, John, Mary, Joseph and Samuel are living, while David, Ellen, Nora, William, James and Thomas are deceased.

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