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John Huyck was born in the State of New York September 27, 1783, and deceased in Marcellus September 15, 1881. He emigrated to Ohio, and from thence to Lanawee County, Mich., in 1826, and ten years later came to Nicholsville, Cass County, where he labored for about three years in running a mill erected by Alexander Copley. May 3, 1836, he entered 160 acres of land in marcellus Township, to which there was no road, and he and his sons, who commenced almost immediately to improve it, followed an Indian trail to their new home, where a rude log house was erected, a small spot of land cleared, and one hundred apple trees set out. Mr. Huyck believing in the early introduction of fruit trees. The township at this time had only three other resident families. Mr. Huyck and his wife, Mary Christie, who was born August 11, 1792, and deceased May 27, 1854, were the parents of ten children, eight of whom accompanied them to this section of the country. Their names are as follows: Richard J., who resides in Volinia; Catherine A., in Iowa; Eveline and Delia, in Manistee; Norman, in Missouri; William F. and Rosetta, who are deceased; Edward, George O. and Abijah, the subject of this sketch, who was born in Delaware County, N. Y., October 18, 1818. Abijah, who was the eldest son at home, worked for his father until twenty six years of age, as the family was large, and his services needed, which mark of filial duty is characteristic, of the man. Two years later, when in his. twenty eighth year, and $200 in debt, he borrowed $25 and entered forty acres of land, and commenced the laborious task of clearing it up, and he can date his success in life from this starting point. Although of slight physique, he was endowed by nature with unusual vitality, and has labored not only hard, but incessantly. When not working on the farm, through the long winter days, for twenty-five years he engaged in coopering, and no matter . what pleasure or recreation he indulged in, the time spent was always earned in advance in the cooper shop by overwork, it being one of his principles to waste no time.

In 1862, he erected a saw mill on the Big Creek in Section 29, and gave considerable attention to the lumber business for a number of years. Notwithstanding his other enterprises, he paid much attention to agriculture, and the small farm of forty acres increased year by year until at one time he possessed 487 acres of land, and at the present time has one of the best farms in the township, and a commodious farm house with suitable barns. A view of his residence will be found on another page. Mr. Huyck, who is the oldest pioneer now living in his township, enjoys the reputation of being a thorough business man, and among the best and most liberal farmers in the county. He has always taken a deep interest in educational affairs of his township, and donated liberally to the building of the first schoolhouse. Mr. Huyck is a great lover of the manly sport of hunting, and in his early youth and manhood had ample opportunity to indulge in this sport, the woods being filled with game, and for fifteen years, from the first of October up to the holidays, he killed no less than seventy-five and as high as a hundred deer. He was accounted the best shot in the county, and his presence at a shooting match, once a great source of amusement among the people, was the signal for the death of numerous turkeys, he shooting from forty to 100 rods without rest. As a consequence, his rifle was always in demand, and in fifteen years he sold fourteen rifles to anxious purchasers.

He was united in marriage December 5, 1847, to Sila Christie, and is the father of seven children, as follows: Mary S., John B., Arthur W., Alice A., Herbert A., Ernest W. and Mabel.

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