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The family from which Mr. Jewell is descended was originally from Holland, and according to family tradition the progenitors were three hrothers, who emigrated from Holland to this country about the time of the Revolutionary war. One of the brothers, whose name was John, was the grandfather of Elias; he reared a family of three boys and three girls, the eldest of whom, the father of Elias, bore the, patronymic of his father; he was born near Moumouth, N. J., where his father had settled shortly after his arrival in this country. Here, in a region made historic by one of the decisive battles of the Revolution, he grew to manhood’s estate, imbibing, as it were, from the very atmosphere, those principles that distinguished the men of those days. About 1798, he was married to a Miss Catherine Reed, and in 1811 Elias was born. Six years subsequent to this event (1817), the family removed to Butler County, Ohio, then a new country, and settled in the vicinity of Middletown, where the elder Jewell purchased a farm, and where he resided until his decease, which occurred in his seventy-first year. Elias received such advantages for education as were afforded by the primitive schools of that day, and remained with his father until 1837,. at which time he started for Michigan. A brother, Hiram. one of the first settlers of La Grange, had emigrated in 1830, and the fall of this year found Mr. Jewell a member of his brother’s family, with whom he resided several years; he purchased a new farm on McKenney’s Prairie. In 1843, he was married to Miss Hannah Compton, of Niagara County, N. Y., where she was born in 1821. Mr Jewell lived in La Grange many years, and was intimately connected with its development. In 1854, he was called upon to mourn the loss of his wife, who bad been the partner of his joys and sorrows, and had shared with him the privations and hardships of his pioneer days. Two children had been born to them ,—Osee and Augustus the former of whom died in 1862, in which year he was again married to Mrs. Cordelia (Lampson) Rough, daughter of Solomon Lampson, of Washington County, N. Y., where she was born 1831. Six years subsequent to her birth, the family removed to Wayne County, N. Y., and in 1844 came to Cass County and settled in La Grange. By this union there have been two children—Carrie and Arthur. Two years after his last marriage, Mr. Jewell disposed of the farm which had been his home for so many years, and removed to Dowagiac, but city life was not congenial, and in 1866, he removed to his present residence, in Wayne. The life of Mr. Jewell has been an active one, his early surroundings were such as to develop habits of industry. perseveranceand economy; these qualifications, coupled with a firm desire to succeed and correct habits, have been productive or a rich reward, and Mr. Jewell is enjoying, in the evening of his days, a well-earned competency and the respect and esteem of all those with whom he has been brought in contact.

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With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
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