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Henry Jones, the eldest son of George and Lydia (Hobson) Jones, was born in Randolph County, N. C., in 1790. The elder Jones was a Friend, and his abhorrence of the "relic of barbarism" was so strong that, rather than rear his family under its demoralizing influences, he decided to remove to the then new country of Ohio. Here we find the family in 1807, in a sparsely settled region, bravely enduring the privations and hardships incident to life in a new country, but happy in the thought that they were free from the contaminating influences of human slavery.

In 1813, Henry was married to Miss Hannah Green, a native of Georgia, and a most estimable woman, by whom he reared a family of twelve children. During his residence in Ohio, he was engaged in farming and merchandising and in both vocations was successful. In 1829, his father removed to Cass County and purchased a large tract of land in the township of Penn. With him came two men, employed by Henry to make the preliminary arrangements for the emigration of his family. They were equipped with four yoke of oxen and the necessary implements for putting in a crop. The autumn of 1830 witnessed their departure for their new home. It was quite an event in the neighborhood, and was not wholly unlike the emigration of some of the patriarchs of old in many particulars. First were two four-horse teams loaded with household effects; then one two-horse team, followed by four yoke of oxen, the cattle, sheep and hogs bringing up the rear. The journey was devoid of incidents worthy of mention. On arriving in Penn, he bought a lease on the school section, where he remained four years; ultimately he located on the west side of the prairie, where John Nixon now resides, and for the second time commenced the erection of a home and the development of a new country.

Mr. Jones resided in Penn until his decease, which occurred in 1851, in the sixty-first year of his age. Mrs. Jones died in March of 1864, aged seventy-two. He was recognized as a man of ability and unquestioned integrity, and was selected for many important positions of trust and responsibility, notably among the number that of County Commissioner, which position he filled until the office was abolished by act of the Legislature. His benevolence and hospitality was proverbial and he endeared himself to the entire community by his many acts of kindness, and, among the pioneers of the county, it is but justice to say that no one held a larger portion of public esteem than he. Of the family, six are now living in the county-Mrs. Nixon, Amos, George W., Henry, Finney and Jesse.

Amos was born in Ohio, and is now living in La Grange. Henry was also born in Ohio and has been a resident of Oregon for thirty years. Finney resides in Cassopolis. Jesse was born in Penn December 13, 1832. Onthe death of his father, which occurred when he was eighteen years of age, he started in life for himself. He is one of the largest and most successful farmers in the county.

He married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Abram V. and Mary Huff, of Wayne, December 29, 1861. Mrs. Jones was born July 2, 1843, in Wayne, Cass County. Of a family of six children, four are living- Mary Belle, Jesse, George W. and Walter G.

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