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Mr. Kingsbury was born, May 14, 1812, in Norfolk County, Mass., and remained in the vicinity of his native place until he arrived at years of maturity, when he went to Augusta, Me., with a small stock of miscellaneous gooas, such as were then commonly kept in "general" stores. After he had remained there a few years, he closed out, with the intention of going to Chicago, and started on a journey for that purpose. After long and wearisome travel, he stopped at Cassopolis, to see his brother Asa. He gave up his original intention of going, to Chicago, and resolved to go into business with his brother in this then small village. This was in the fall of 1837. He purchased and cleared land just west of the village, on the north side of State street, and built the house still standing upon the hill, which was his home for about thirty years. He was married to Sarah Miller, at the house of her father,. J. P. Miller, in Jefferson Township, by Elder Jacob Price, March 12, 1851. His death occurred December 23, 1816. Oharies Kingsbury was a man of quiet habits, a great reader and well informed in history, politics and general literature. During the whole of his mature life, he spent a portion of each day in reading the Bible, and he considered its precepts man's best guide, spiritually and morally governing his life thereby. He was always kind to the poor and suffering, and never refused them aid when it was in his power to extend it, often suffering financially by reason of his benevolence. His attachments for home and friends were very strong. He had a large musical talent, was a good singer and played readily upon almost any instrument. Politically, he was a Whig and afterward a Republican, adhering to the principles of the latter party until his death.

History of Cass Couny, Michigan
With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
of some of it's Prominent Men and Pioneers.
Waterman, Watkins & Co., Chicago 1882.

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