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Mr. Loflaud was born in Milford, Del., September 8, 1818. At the age of eighteen, he was placed in a store, and for several years remained in that position, gaining the rudiments of a practical business education. in 1836, with his mother and the rest of the family, he removed to Michigan. His first business was the management of a grocery store in Cassopolis, which belonged to Lucius Hoyt, of Niles. When that business closed, he visited his old home in Delaware, remaining there several months, during which time he connected himself with the M. E. Church. In 1840, he returned to Cassopolis, and was employed as a clerk by Jacob Silver. In 1841, he formed a partnership with Mr. Silver, to continue five years, Mr. Silver furnishing all of the capital. At the end of the time specified, the firm dissolved, and divided $16,000 equally. During this co-partnership, Mr. Lofiand was elected County Treasurer. In 1841, he married Loretta, daughter of Josiah and Polly Silver. In April, 1847, Mr. Lofland formed a partnership with Heuly C. Lybrook, under the firm name of Lofland & Lybrook, in the dry goods business. In June, 1850, this firm began business in Dowagiac, and soon after took a half interest in a dry goods store in Cassopolis, which Mr. Lofiand managed. In 1854, they closed put their business in Dowagiac. Not long afterward, Mr. L. bought the Vanderhoof farm, on La Grange Prairie, and lived there the rest of his life, making a successful farmer. He died February 27, 1862, after long suffering with consumption. Mr. Lofland was a very popular man among the people of Cassopolis and others with whom he was associated, and possessed the respect of all who knew him. His excellence of character is very frequently spoken of by old residents.

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With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
of some of it's Prominent Men and Pioneers.
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