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DAVID L. HAMILTON was born in the town of Cambridge, Niagara Co., N. Y., Oct. 2, 1830. His father, Uri Hamilton, was one of the prominent farmers and early settlers of that town. He married Mary Jenkins, who was a native of Connecticut, where she was born in 1817, and was a splendid type of the pioneer woman. The elder Hamilton was a native of New Hampshire, and a shoemaker by trade. In hia early days he followed the business for a livelihood. In the spring of 1836 he came to Pavilion with his family, and settled upon the farm now owned by his son David L. The town was at that time sparsely settled. Indians and wild beasts, wolves, especially, were numerous. As illustntive of the character of Mrs. Hamilton, we will relate an incident that took place in the autumn of 1836. One day, while Mrs. Hamilton was engaged in her household duties, a stalwart Indian stalked into the house, the men being absent at a raising, and commenced sharpening a huge knife upon a grindstone which stood in the rear of the house. A sister of Mrs. Hamilton's was sick in bed at the time, and thinking that the Indian intended to kill them, jumped from her bed and ran for life, followed by Mrs. Hamilton, who urged her to come back, stating her intention to die with her children. She prevailed upon her to return, and reaching the house they found the Indian seated in a chair with the knife in his hands. They believed that they were facing death, but from some cause the Indian made no assault. He requested something to eat, which he received and departed. Mr. Hamilton died in Pavilion at the age of fifty two. She was a thrifty housewife, an excellent mother, and a kind friend. Her husband was an estimable man and a consistent member of the Methodist Church. The boyhood days of David were replete with hardships and privations. He received his education at the district school. The year succeeding his father's death he embarked in busineas for himself as a farm hand, working by the month. In 1852 he was married to Miss Jane A. Halsey, who was born Jan. 18, 1834. Soon after their marriage they went on to the old farm, which Mr. Hamilton had previously purchased. The land was originally low and swampy, and its improvement was a herculean task, but years of industry have made it one of the most valuable and productive farms in the county. To his father's original purchase of eighty acres he has added one hundred and twenty.

Mr. Hamilton is emphatically self made. Commencing life with only his natural resources for capital, he has accumulated a competency and attained an enviable position among the representative farmers of Kalamazoo County.

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