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Neil Hindes was born in Elizabeth, N. 3., June 21, 1798. His father owned a farm two miles from the city. Here young Hindes lived until his fifteenth year, working on the farm summers, as soon as he was old enough, and going to the district school winters. At the age of fifteen he went to the city, and for several years worked at the tinners’ trade. After his marriage, in 1824, he settled in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, and engaged in the hardware business for eleven years. He was successful in the business. In 1835 he sold out, and joined the tide of emigration then setting West. Coming to Kalamazoo in that year, and being favorable impressed with the country, he bought three hundred acres of land in and near Genesee Prairie, and the following July moved his family to the new home. The farm was partly timbered land, and but little of it improved, with no buildings save a log house. He commenced to improve, and at his death, which occurred Aug. 22, 1874, the farm had become a beautiful one, with a flue house, outbuildings, orchards, etc. Mr. Hindes was in an early day a Whig, and latterly a Republican, but never a politician. He was active in school matters, as were most of the early settlers of Michigan. Mr. Hindes was a man whom to know was to respect and admire. He married, Feb. 2, 1824, Miss Euphemia E. Sargent, who was born on the 8th day of December, 1806. There were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hinds eleven children, as follows: William A., born May 13, 1825, died Oct. 5, 1826; Elmina, Feb. 26, 1827, died May 6, 1833; Margaret S., Oct. 19, 1831, married, March 1, 1849, to Charles E. Smith; Mary A., July 12, 1832, married, Dec. 19, 1853, William Lamb; Laura, Jan. 29, 1835, all born on Staten Island. The following were born on Genesee Prairie: Abby Louisa, June 13, 1838, married to Frederick Bush, 1857; William H., Dec. 13, 1841; Charlotte E. Feb. 13, 1843, married, June 15, 1870, Albert White; Isabell, Nov. 21, 1843, married, Oct. 10, 1871, Milo J. Goss; died Oct. 10, 1873; Frank, Feb. 25, 1848; and Edward L., Aug. 17, 1851.

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