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LYSANDER BATHRICK was born May 18, 1812, in the town of Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and was the seventh in a family of nine Children,—five Sons and four daughters. His father, Stephen Bathrick, was born in Massachusetts, May 25, 1778. His mother, Catharine (Bachelor) Bathrick, was also a native of that State, her birth occurring Aug. 28, 1776, and her marriage with Stephen Bathrick being celebrated Dec. 25, 1799. Mr. Bathrick and his wife both died in the State of New York, the former Dec. 24, 1854, and the latter June 29, 1839. Of their family, six members are now living.

Lysander Bathrick passed his youth on his father’s farm, after the manner of farmers’ sons in those days, attending the winter terms in the district school, and assisting on the homestead through the summer months. After he became of age he hired his services at monthly wages, and with the money thus earned paid for one winter’s tuition at Brockport College. Feb. 20, 1838, he was married to Miss Phebe Salisbury, whose parents, Joseph and Phebe (Westbrook) Salisbury, were born in Pennsylvania. She was a native of Monroe Co., N. Y., in which her birth occurred, July 28, 1819. The fruit of this union was four children, Rosina A., born March 9, 1839; Miranda A., born June 19, 1842; Pratt L., born May 15, 1848; Burt D., born March 23, 1862. These are all living. In 1841, Mr. Bathrick settled on a farm in Orleans Co., N. Y., and in 1866 sold it and came to Michigan, locating at Battle Creek, Calhoun Co. In 1869 he removed to Antwerp township, Van Buren Co., where his wife died, August 13th, in the same year. His present home consists of one hundred and nineteen acres on section 24, which, with the assistance of his youngest son, he manages. His oldest child, Rosina, is still in New York, and the others are married and settled near him. March 16, 1870, he was united in marriage with Mrs. M. Rose, a native of New York, in which State she was born Feb. 24, 1818. She is a sister of J. R. Bangs, of Paw Paw. Mrs. Bathrick (first) early became a convert to the Christian religion, and at her death was a member of the Congregational Church. The present Mrs. Bathrick also united with this church about 1870. Mr. Bathrick was formerly connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church, but is at present a member of none. His first wife was an advocate of all reforms, and with him was an earnest worker in the anti-slavery cause, rising from her bed on many occasions to assist some lonely refugee. Mr. Bathrick’s house was the haven which such wanderers sought for temporary shelter and assistance, and they were ever welcomed, and, after rest and refreshment, were “ sent on their way rejoicing.” Mr. Bathrick’s father was a participant in the second struggle with Great Britain (1812—15), and an early settler of Monroe Co., N. Y. His house, erected in 1811, was the fifth in the township in which he settled, and was covered with bark, as no lumber could be procured nearer than Rochester. His road was cut six miles through a dense forest. He did not locate with his family until Feb. 22, 1814, having lived previously in Cayuga County. Lysander Bathrick has been a life-long Republican, his principles being taught him by his mother. He has served as a justice of the peace in the township where he lives.

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