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One of the first four families that located in the township of Columbia was that of A. S. Brown, Sr.; this occurred in the fall of 1835. Mr. Brown came from the town of Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt., where the subject of our sketch, A. S. Brown, was born in the year 1819. The members of Mr. Brown, Sr.’s family who came to Van Buren County with him, besides A. S. Brown, Jr., were his wife, Mrs. Eliza (Bullock) Brown, Welles G., Jesse R., Minerva, and Sarah,—the latter remaining in Paw Paw, where she still resides. Besides these who came with him, there were Amasa M. and Luman (who remained in Vermont). Amasa is a practicing physician there. Luman, at a later period, followed the family to Michigan, entered the army, was wounded at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, and died from its effects. Sarah, Minerva, and Amasa M. are the only surviving children.

A. S. Brown, Sr., purchased upon his arrival a farm of eighty acres, and with the three younger boys, A. S., W. G., and J. R., continued the working of this farm until his death, which occurred in 1842, at which time the boys formed a copartnership, and remained with interests united until the beginning of the Rebellion, when W. G. withdrew. Previous to this, in 1860, A. S. had married Miss Sarah Dewing, daughter of Roswell and Mariana U. (Boughton) Doming, who were married in Avon, Livingston Co., N. Y., where Philena C., Amos, William, Sarah, Almena, Martha, and Catharine were born, the last named dying in infancy. The others are still living, the first four in Michigan, Almena in Livingston Co., N. Y., and Martha in Minnesota. Mrs. Brown’s mother had died in Livingston County, March 3, 1841, Mr. Dewing removing with two of the children to Arlington, Van Buren Co., where he remained until Sarah’s marriage to Mr. Brown, after which he made his home with them. The two brothers finally dissolved partnership, and in the division of property A. S. became owner of the homestead, a view of which appears in this work, and where the four children of Mr. and Mrs. Brown were born, the dates and names as follows: Sarah E., born April 3, 1862; Henry A., born Aug. 8, 1863; Ella C., born April 28, 1865, died July 30, 1867; Amos S., born May 3, 1867, died Aug. 8, 1869.

Mr. Brown, from time to time, added to the original purchase until his farm contained over two hundred acres. His health failing him, he proceeded to Minnesota, hoping the change would be beneficial, but such was not the case, and on the 4th of September, 1872, he died. By his preeminent abilities he arose from comparative obscurity, and has bequeathed to his family a handsome fortune. The soundness of his judgment and sterling integrity had secured for him a high place in the estimation of his fellowcitizens, whose voluntary suifrages had for nearly thirty years retained him almost constantly in some official position. During the years 1867—68 he represented his district in the State Legislature on the Republican side with fidelity and ability. Public enterprises and improvements always found in him a liberal and efficient patron. Mrs. Brown resides at the old home, using the means her husband provided for her in the education of their children.

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